What Value Does an ADU add for Your Home in San Diego?

What Value Does Accessory Dwelling Units Add

Construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) is the current trend in property valuation and real estate. When you build an ADU, you add your property value by utilizing the unused space in your property. Rather than having an idle space in your backyard, you can add an asset to bring you rental income and add your property value with time. 

If you consider adding Value to your property in the form of an ADU, contact us at House to Home. We will help you decide on the type of your preferred ADU, whether Attached, Detached, or Interior conversion. We have a long-term experience in ADU construction in San Diego.

Factors That Determine The Value of Your ADU


The appraisal of your ADU mostly depends on your property’s proximity to essential locations such as the schools, public transport, and hospitals, among others. The more your neighborhood is close to important locations, the more the price it will attract.


The size of your property determines the size and the number of ADUs you can construct. If your property is enormous square footage, you can build large or numerous ADUs and attract a lumpsum income.

Number of Bathrooms and Bedrooms

The Value of your ADU will correlate with the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you will add. The more the number, the higher the valuation of your ADU.

Air Conditioning

If you add a mini-split system and an air conditioner, your ADU will have more Value. You will have more income by renting or converting your ADU to a guest house.

How Can an ADU Add Value to Your House? ​

Income Generation

ADU construction in San Diego is a lucrative business. You can rent out your ADU or make it a guest house. When you choose the right architect, you will have a great design that will attract more clients to your ADU. At House to Home, we have a team of experienced architects, interior designers, and property managers to ensure that you get a great design of your ADU. We will advise you on the zoning capabilities and the appraisal of your property, and the Value an ADU will add.

Investment Opportunity

Building on an ADU does not only generate income, but it is an investment opportunity. You can sell your ADU as separate property. If you don’t have the financial capabilities to build condos and multi-family homes, ADUs are a great idea. When you finally decide to sell your property, it will have more value because of the ADU units.

Creative ADU Ideas To Increase Value to Your Property

Rental Units

There is a notorious housing shortage in California, especially in San Diego. ADU construction in San Diego is a lucrative investment. You can rent out your ADU and create a long-term investment. California laws have eliminated owner-occupancy laws; you can now take advantage as a landlord or an investor. Investors in San Diego can use their ADUs for short-term rentals such as Airbnb.

Extra Housing

Constructing an ADU is excellent if you have relatives who need to be hosted or aging parents who need your care. You can also build an ADU as a granny flan or an in-law unit. Since an ADU is a separate structure, everyone in your home will have their separate space and privacy.

Guest House

You can venture into the hospitality industry by adding an ADU to your home. When you build a backyard home, guests can stay for some days in a separate environment and get you some income. If your guests need to party, they will not disturb the rest of your family.

Home Office

If you work from home, ADU is the best idea. Working from your living room will have your kids disturbing you, blurry work time boundaries, and endless distraction. These elements will make you less productive. an ADU will give you separate and quiet space for optimum productivity. You can telecommute or do your business in an ADU without stress. Meeting your clients in an ADU office is more professional than in your living room or a kitchen table.


You can convert your ADU into a music studio, yoga room, or art studio. Having an ADU for these purposes will avoid much racket and disturbance. You can peacefully rehearse your music in a private space.


The construction of an ADU adds much Value to your property. You can add more income that will help you pay your utilities and add more extra space to accommodate your relatives or parents. When you decide to sell your property with an ADU, it will attract more income. ADU construction in San Diego is a lucrative business; contact us at House to Home for great designs and construction of your ADU.