Guest House Contractor San Diego

If you are ready to build a guest house in San Diego, partner with House to Home, the best guest house contractor in San Diego. The team at House to Home is here and ready to take on your project. We have over 25 years of home building expertise and are looking forward to using that experience to design and build you the guest house that you have always wanted.

Guesthouses, otherwise known as granny flats, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), or casitas, are attached or detached residential dwelling units. In San Diego, guest houses are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to make use of extra space on your property, keep family close and even bring in an additional stream of income. House to Home specializes in building guest houses in San Diego and our team is looking forward to handling your project.

There are many factors when choosing a design-build firm to construct your new granny flat and it can seem like a daunting task. By working with House to Home, we make the process easy! Our expert team of ADU builders in San Diego can help you complete your project to the highest standards. With House to Home as your trusted partner, you’ll be surprised at how smooth the process of building a guest house can be.

Why Build a Guest House in San Diego?

It can be very beneficial to have a guest house in San Diego for many reasons. One example is that it allows you to have grandparents or other elderly members of your family close to you. It can also work in the other direction by providing the young adults in your family with a place to live. 

Granny flats or guesthouses allow the family to stay together while also allowing each other their own private space. This allows the family to help care for one another when needed, a major benefit if the family has young or elderly members that need a little extra help. 

A guest house is also a great way to generate extra income as the additional unit can be rented out. With rental prices rising across the nation, and in particular, San Diego, the addition of a guest house also becomes a financially viable option. Renting out the ADU will be a quick and easy process that more than pays for itself in no time and after that will turn into an additional stream of revenue thereafter.

One more item to factor in is that adding a guest house can increase the value of your property!

2 Ways to Build a Guest House in San Diego

Custom Building

Custom building your guest house from the ground up is a great option, especially if you take advantage of the preapproved plans cities such as Encinitas provide. If you decide to go the fully custom route, our team of guest home builders has the expertise of designing your space to create a high-quality guest house that can be utilized to the fullest. Custom building a guest house from scratch is a more expensive and longer process than a conversion to construct but offers you the flexibility needed to maximize the space. 


Converting an Existing Structure

With the help of a guest house contractor, the other route is to convert part of your house, a shed, or a garage into a guest house. Converting an existing structure is a more budget-conscious option compared to building from scratch since you don’t incur the cost of buying all of the materials. Guest home builders will alter the structure and convert it into a separate living space. As a whole, remodeling the space for the granny flat is an easier option compared to the custom route, resulting in a less expensive experience. However, you may be limited with options given that you are working with an existing structure.

The Legality of Adding a Guest House

Back on January 1, 2020, the state of California eased legislation around building guest houses. This made it easier for homeowners to add additional units to their current property. Staying on top of these new laws governing the building of ADUs is just one of the many reasons why the team at House to Home are the best guest house contractors in San Diego.

California has essentially mandated all cities in the state to allow accessory dwelling units as long as there is enough space on the property to add the structures. The new laws make it easier to obtain the necessary permits for these additional dwelling units and are advantageous to those building them.

This legislation aims to combat the growing housing shortage in California. This legislation has opened up new investment opportunities for developers, investors, and homeowners and will hopefully be able to help provide more housing opportunities for residents of California.


The cost of building a guest house in San Diego can vary significantly based on factors such as size, design, materials, and labor. On average, the cost can range from $100,000 to $300,000 or more, but it’s advisable to consult with builders to obtain an accurate estimate based on your specific project details.

The building code requirements for a guest house, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), in San Diego are dictated by local regulations and cover factors such as lot size, setbacks, size limits, parking, height restrictions, and utility connections. It is crucial to consult with the local zoning department or a knowledgeable professional to ensure compliance with these specific requirements when constructing a guest house. 

Building a guest house can potentially be a good investment due to benefits such as generating rental income, increasing property value, and providing housing options. However, the financial viability depends on factors like local rental market conditions, construction costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses, so conducting thorough research and assessing market dynamics is essential before making a decision.

Yes, a guest house can add value to your property in San Diego by increasing square footage and providing additional living space. However, the extent of value addition depends on factors like size, quality, and market demand, so consulting with local real estate professionals can provide more accurate insights for your specific property.

When you are ready to get started on your new addition and you choose House to Home as your guest house contractor in San Diego, you know you will get the best possible design-build experience. From the start of the planning process to the completed construction of the guest house, you are well taken care of. The team at House to Home will make sure your guest house project is executed even better than envisioned by combining the best design, project management, and lastly building skills to ensure your project is done right. If you are ready to get started on your new guest house in San Diego contact House to Home today!