Kitchen Remodel San Diego

If you are looking for the best kitchen remodelers in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place! House to Home has over 25 years of experience designing and building custom homes and kitchens. House to Home is an award-winning home renovation company that specializes in home, bath and kitchen remodels of all sizes.

From a single room addition to a whole house design build, House to Home can help with all of your San Diego home and kitchen remodeling needs. Our design build process ensures that your kitchen renovation is done right from start to finish. Our process not only sets us apart but also reduces the potential stress and aggravation that can sometimes come with a renovation project. John Hayes and the team at House to Home look forward to many more years of providing the San Diego community with the best home and kitchen remodel services in San Diego.


House to Home is Your Kitchen Remodeling Partner

We are a design build contractor, meaning we are hands-on with every part of the process. This allows us to make sure that your kitchen will be done right, from start to finish. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible with our quality workmanship and second to none customer service. On top of that, the Design Build process can be a cost-effective solution for many types of construction projects. With this process, the home owner hires one company to design and build the project. This eliminates the need to hire a separate architect and luxury home builder which can save an owner both time and money.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

If you think about where you spend the most time in your home, the kitchen most likely comes to mind. Kitchens bring family and friends together and are often the center of the home. That being said, why would you want to spend the majority of your time in a room that does not suit your needs and preferences? You don’t!

Your kitchen should not only be an enjoyable space but it should be a functional space. Your kitchen needs to fulfill your cooking needs, especially if you are someone that does a lot of cooking. It is not simply enough to have a kitchen that “gets the job done”.

Your kitchen also needs to serve as an entertaining space. If you have company over for dinner, where do you think that you will be spending a great deal of your time? The kitchen! That being said, your kitchen needs to accommodate having people in it and being able to move, flow and entertain with ease.

Renovating a kitchen has an excellent ROI. The ROI of kitchen remodeling projects in San Diego is higher than the national average. The 2019 remodeling cost vs. value report reveals that the average kitchen remodel in San Diego recoups between 60.2% and 83.4% of the total cost, depending on the scale of renovation project.

Kitchen Remodels Add Value to the Home

A kitchen remodel in San Diego, CA is one of the most valuable home improvement investments you can make with your home. An upgraded kitchen remodel adds great utility to the home, as well as increases the market value, while also increasing usability and function for the homeowner. The return on investment for kitchen upgrades is one of the highest among all custom home remodeling and design projects for San Diego homeowners. But there are important factors to consider to get the most out of your investment. At House to Home we help you consider all the factors to determine what is best for you.


This is really hard to quantify. The cost to remodel a kitchen depends on many factors such as design, size, specifications, finishes, layout configurations, inclusions and exclusions, etc.

Depending on if all materials, supplies, finishes are ordered and stored, ready for use, a kitchen remodel can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks.

This is really hard to quantify. The cost to remodel a kitchen depends on many factors such as design, size, specifications, finishes, layout configurations, inclusions and exclusions, etc.

It depends. For jobs where reconfigurations involve structural, electrical or plumbing changes, a permit will be required. However, if you are after a mostly cosmetic change, like repainting cabinets, installing new countertops or replacing a faucet, installing new flooring, refacing cabinets and installing new light fixtures, the answer to whether you need a permit for your kitchen remodel is most likely “no.”

When planning your kitchen remodel, you need to consider what type of new look you are aiming for, what type of finishes, appliances, materials you are interested in using, what is the best layout for ideal flow and what are the most important functions that best suit you and your families kitchen needs. These are all topics that are part of the design process. Once all the design details are complete, a full set of plans with specifications are provided and a turn key bid gets created for approval. Ideally, you would order and stock all materials, finishes, and appliances prior to commencing as to shorten the length of time that the project will take to complete.

The kitchen is the single most important room in a house and is where you get the most value out of your remodel investment. Buyers are willing to pay more for high end finishes and thoughtful upgrades.

Financing can be done through various avenues included but not limited to: Saving up a portion of your income, home remodel loans, home equity loans, home equity line of credit, cash out refinance, credit cards, etc. Our website has a link to “Explore Financing Options” where Benchmark Lending can best suit your remodel financing plan.

Figuring out what you can budget for, and taking out an affordable amount each paycheck with a goal of saving up to a specified amount is a great way to start.

Typically, the cabinets and/or appliances are the most expensive items.

If you are ready to get your kitchen remodel in San Diego started, please fill out our Design Consultation form today. If you still have questions about the process, please feel free to reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to getting your project started and giving you the kitchen remodel that you have always wanted.