Top 5 Mistakes in Modular Kitchen Design

If you are planning for a kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, Ca, there are modular mistakes you should avoid. Since modular kitchen construction is costly, consider proper planning to avoid imminent errors and mistakes. Before starting your kitchen design project, consider its ergonomics, efficiency, and functionality. With a long term experience in the industry, House to Home complies the top mistakes you avoid.

Here are common mistakes you should avoid when planning, designing and constructing your modular kitchen:

Using Incorrect Modular Accessories

Many people are fond of purchasing modular accessories without performing due diligence. Before embarking on installing your modular kitchen, research various kitchen accessories. You can find many catalogues of modular kitchen designs and their accessories online. You can start planning your modular kitchen after finding the accessories in sync with your dream design. If you find it hard bending when finding your kitchen ingredients, consider opting for wall-mounted kitchen accessories.

You can also consider overhead cabinets or a pull-out pantry. These designs will help you access everything in your kitchen without a struggle. Bottle rack mounted near the floor of your kitchen might prove difficult to access your various ingredients when cooking. If you are unsure about the accessory design, contact House to Home for expert advice. Our interior designers have a track record in kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, Ca.

Poor Lighting

Sufficient lighting is important in any kitchen. It is best to get proper lighting, especially in the food preparation areas. Due to large overhead cabinets and other accessories, your kitchen may have a shadow effect. Shadows in the cooking zones might affect your food preparation process. You can solve this using task lighting, ceiling, and layered lighting. These lighting arrangements ensure sufficient lighting in every part of your kitchen.

On the kitchen design part, consider installing lighting under the recessed cabinets. You can easily illuminate your cabinets and the countertop if you choose LED lights. You can also use automatic lights inside your kitchen cabinets. These lights turn on whenever you open a kitchen cabinet and turn off when you close it.

Less Kitchen Storage Design

Mostly, people fail to consider the amount of storage in the kitchen. Consider having a well-designed modular kitchen design. The design should accommodate all your storage needs. Use full-length cabinets if your kitchen is compact or small. Full height cabinets help you take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen. You can economize drawer space by incorporating shallow and deep storage. Use deep cutlery organizers and shallow ones for plates and other appliances. Make use of shelves and overhead cabinets for the storage of daily ingredients. You can store monthly supplies such as flour, rice and dals in the pantry area.

Keep a trash bin and cleaning items under the sink. The remaining extra space can be used for appliances such as blenders, juicers and toasters. Keep these items near the sockets. If you need kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, Ca, contact House to Home for the best designs to maximize limited space.

Using Wrong Materials

When customizing your modular kitchen, use strong and durable materials. For instance, you can use quartz, marble and granite for your countertops. These materials are easy to maintain, sturdy and have a long lifespan. Soft wooden surfaces are good but need regular maintenance and are prone to scratches. If you want strong cabinets, use strong boiling water-resistant plywoods. Avoid using particle board or MDF because they are prone to damage and shutter when exposed to moisture. These materials are also very weak and hence require gentle handling.

To reinforce your sink cabinets, create a waterproof membrane using aluminium on its surface. Ensure that you purchase rust-proof and stainless steel accessories for your modular kitchen.

Poor Planning

Ensure that your contractor plans your kitchen according to your requirements. Before designing your kitchen, let your remodeler know the positions of items such as the refrigerator, sink and stove. Ensure that your kitchen has a good flow and is comfortable when cooking. The position of your cooktop needs to be aligned to the chimney for proper emission of fumes. Plan the electric layout to match your appliances to avoid distance inconveniences.

Only opt for a kitchen island if your space is enough. A kitchen island layout in small spaces leads to a cramped kitchen look. House to Home is a leader in kitchen remodeling. For the best kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, Ca, contact House to Home.


Coming up with a functional modular kitchen design is not easy. It requires proper planning, layout design, and selection of the right materials and accessories. Suppose you want to avoid all the hassles and get your dream modular kitchen design, contact House to Home. We have a positive track record and experience in kitchen design and remodeling. If you want the best and well—designed kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, Ca, contact us at House to Home.