Modernize Your Old Kitchen with These 10 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling San Diego

With the emerging trends in functional design, modern appliances, and creative aesthetic colors, it is time to remodel and modernize your old or outdated kitchen. Unlike some decades ago when a kitchen was a hidden room for cooking meals and washing dirty dishes, modern kitchens have more different roles. A modern kitchen adds value to your home; it is a focal point to gather your family, friends, and guests. As such, a modern kitchen is fitted with beauty and warmth to make your home dazzling, comfortable, and entertaining. Social dynamics and technology have contributed to the remodeling of the modern kitchen over the decades. 

Here are The Best 10 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1. Smart Kitchens

Technology has revamped the modern kitchen immensely from the fancy gadgets and appliances. You can now integrate your kitchen with every device and function. Modern kitchen lighting, fridges, and faucets have been automated. When remodeling your old kitchen, intelligent gadgets, sensors, and other devices are incorporated for your convenience. Modern kitchens are equipped with motion-sense faucets that can detect the presence of your hands or use a one-touch feature to come out automatically. Modern refrigerators can alert you when foodstuffs and groceries run out. You can program your coffee maker to have your hot coffee ready as soon as your wake up in the morning. Modern technology allows you to monitor your tray of eggs and notify you of those almost going bad. You can also adjust or control your kitchen lights from the comfort of your smartphone. At House to Home, we can install all the gadgets in your kitchen to make it modern, comfortable, and smart.

2. Bold Cabinets

Using bold colors for your lower and upper cabinets can add an aesthetic design appeal to your kitchen. You can use simple wood cabinets and customize them with a pattern of different colors to reflect your taste and style. If you are a person with a penchant for art, consider using the sophisticated design on your decorated or textured cabinet glass doors. It makes your kitchen more serene and comfortable. You can decorate your cabinet with bold colors such as emerald green, navy, and plum to provide a luxurious and dramatic feel. A bold kitchen cabinet offers a luxurious and elegant atmosphere in your kitchen. However, it would be best to be careful not to make your kitchen very dark with bold colors.

Determine What You Need

After getting your budget right, assess various aspects that you need for your home addition. Consider checking on the physical amenities required, such as beds, air conditioning, bathtub, and carpeting. Creating a list of the items you need prevents you from going overboard with your budget. When highlighting the items required, first accommodate the basic features before listing the luxurious amenities such as Jacuzzi tubs for bathrooms or wine coolers in the kitchen. If you have a tight budget, consider acquiring the basic amenities first, then purchase other luxuries later when you can buy.

3. Kitchen Islands

Apart from using slabs and countertops, kitchen islands can open more space, creating a fully functional kitchen. When adding a kitchen island, open up your kitchen walls and consider changing its floor plan. Opening up the kitchen walls allows you to cook while at the same time conversing with your friends or family either in the living or ding room. The most important aspect of a kitchen island is that it provides ample space to place your cooked food, hold your chopping board, cheese grater, and butcher block. It converts your kitchen into a workstation.

4. Effective Storage Solution

Typical open shelving wastes a lot of kitchen space. However, you can elevate your kitchen functionality with innovative remodeling and interior design ideas. If your kitchen space is more extensive, you can consider fitting hanging storage facilities on your island for easy access. If you have a relatively smaller kitchen, consider designing modern cabinetry with drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, tray dividers, caddies for pans and pots, appliances garage, pull-outs for your favorite spices. The design makes it easier to store small appliances, foods, and drinks with easier access than before.

5. Ceramic Floor Tiles

Most people still use hardwood flooring in their kitchen. However, ceramic flooring is an upcoming and most popular way of making your kitchen floor look more beautiful than before. Ceramic floor tiles are available in various designs, sizes, and styles. If you are a fan of hardwood flooring, you can get ceramic floor tiles similar to hardwood tile flooring. The best thing is that ceramic floor tiles are easy to maintain and can be made to look like other flooring materials such as wood or natural stone.

6. Tile Backsplash

While cooking your food, you can’t prevent the splatters and sputtering in your kitchen. However, you can prevent them from reaching your wood panels, subway tile, and your decorated kitchen by using a tile backsplash. All you need is to strategically place your backsplash to prevent imminent grime and moisture from destroying your kitchen walls. With innovative kitchen remodeling and interior designs, you can have removable backsplashes.

7. Stainless Steel Appliances

Almost all kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel for tensile strength, hygiene, and durability. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are sleek and very hardy. They are easy to clean and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is easier to clean stains and residue when using stainless steel appliances by just wiping them, leaving your kitchen area spotless. Apart from the high-end functionality of the stainless steel appliances, they add a modern feeling to your kitchen.

8. Substantial Materials for Countertops

Most rigorous movements and activities happen in your countertops when cooking your meals. Therefore, using high-quality materials for your countertops is essential to avoid chipping, cracking, or even breaking due to exerted pressure. The best material for your countertop is quarts. Quartz is highly durable, unbreakable, and rigid, making it the perfect choice. Due to its hardy exterior, it is tough to crack, making your kitchen very hygienic by preventing a breeding ground for germs. Although granite and marble are cheap, they are not the best choice. These materials often crack, chip-making your kitchen countertops a breeding ground for germs.

9. Statement Décor

Since your kitchen is the focal point of your house, it is crucial to add some décor for its valor. Apart from adding some decorations, you can make your kitchen lively using lighting effects and modern fixtures. You can incorporate bar tools around the island, making your kitchen a perfect minibar. Try giving your kitchen a mod for party time by installing pendant and neon lights. Statement décor adds more aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

10. Connect with Great Outdoors

It is a modern trend connecting your kitchen to your patio or outdoor space. You can also add entry points to your entertainment areas. A common way of connecting your kitchen to the outdoors is by using a glass door and increasing the sizes of your windows by reframing. You can remove some cabinets to provide a serene view of the outside.


Modern technology and innovative ideas have improved the kitchen design and styles over time. It is time to modernize your kitchen to enjoy these creative ideas, appliances, and gadgets. At House to Home Design-Build, we are at par with modern technology. We ensure our designs and kitchen remodeling techniques exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us today at House to Home Design-Build for remodeling and modernizing your kitchen.