Top 10 Design Tips for Bigger and Better Bathrooms


Smaller bathrooms at times feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming to your guests. The process of making your bathroom bigger and better can be daunting. However, you ought not to worry. House to Home design build in Rancho Santo Fe has got your back in remodeling your bathroom through experts designs. With our long-term experience at House to Home, we can redesign important fixtures, improve your cover pallet, and have some virtual tricks that will make your bathroom look bigger and better.

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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Consider an Ingenious Layout

When your current layout is up to your imagination, the only task needed is to swap your bathroom items to your new location. However, when your need an overhaul, redesigning your layout will be a feasible idea. House to Home can help you with stunning ideas to redesign your bathroom, tweak your cabinets, wall mirrors, and change storage sizes.

Choose the Best Bathroom Materials

Your bathroom materials should be able to withstand changes in humidity, temperature swings, and frequent exposure to water. As bathrooms need to be clean at all times, choose materials that are easy to clean, attractive when using, and can withstand chemicals. High-quality materials always maintain the aesthetic value for long without being damp. When buying your tiles, always choose the non-porous types. Porcelain tiles are always the best. Use solid wood for your bathroom cabinets for a longer lifespan of your cabinets. Likewise, choose high-quality plumbing fixtures, tubs, and sinks. The choice of bathroom materials will determine how dark or light your bathroom will be.

Opt for Wall Hanging Units

Wall hanging units and units that stand on slim legs are ideal when maximizing space for your bathroom. Hanging units provide an impression of bigger bathroom space. Avoid fitting all your bathroom walls with furniture. It makes your bathroom space appear smaller. Ideally, use wall hanging units with the same color as your walls. The same color provides a cohesive look in your bathroom walls. For your plumbing works, consider fitting wall-mounted taps together with slim line basins. You will be left with enough space on top to fix other bathroom items of your choice.

Use Recessed Storage or Hide Storage Behind Mirror

Instead of having your cabinets sticking out, you can use recessed cabinets to save on bathroom space. Shower niches for your soaps or shampoo are better than protruding ceramic soap dishes in saving space. However, when you don’t have recessed space, you can double your cabinets as a storage area and make the surfaces of your wardrobe to be mirrored bathroom cabinets. When you use streamlined mirrors, it gives an optical impression that your bathroom is more extensive. For your best well-positioned and well-lit bathroom mirrors, House to Home design build in Rancho Santo Fe has the best expertise and experience that will make your bathroom more spacious.

Use a Sliding Door

Sliding doors are handy in creating more space for your bathroom. Unlike traditional doors, a sliding door doesn’t occupy any swing spaces. Sliding doors are very acoustic for your bathroom. You can keep your privacy when you are in the bathroom. A sliding door allows you to seal off any sound that might emanate from your bathroom. For keeping your dignity and that of your guests, use a sliding door in your bathroom.


How to Make Your Bathroom Look Better

Color Schemes

Soft and pale colors always give an optical illusion of a larger space in your bathroom. When you use cool colors, you will get a feeling of serenity. Bold and dark colors are best used as bathroom accessories. When you layer your bathroom with white on the white color, you will get a dazzling airy look. Use a white color on your vanity as well as on your white walls.

Tile Styles

When buying tiles for your small bathroom, go for medium tiles instead of small tiles. Tiny tiles will have many grout lines, which may not be aesthetically suitable for your floor. Larger tiles are equally not the best because they will make your bathroom look smaller. The color of your tiles is also important. It is best to find tiles that are of the same color as your walls. When the color difference is very drastic, it makes your bathroom to look like two halves. The color difference also causes the appearance of your bathtub to look odd. Tiling your bathroom to the ceiling provides more uniformity and less contrast.

Use Bold Wallpapers

It is not necessary right to use bright colors all the way. When you consult House to Home design build in Rancho Santo Fe, you will get advice on the best, bold and large print wallpapers that will improve the look of your bathroom. Other areas in your bathroom such a basin unit need bold color for the best look. When using a marble countertop, it is best to use a bold white color. Bold colors give your bathroom an impressive look.

Consider Mirrored Walls

Apart from the aesthetic look of your traditional bathroom, a mirrored wall sets the tone and provides an illusion of lit and more extensive space than you can imagine. Bathroom mirrors provide a dazzling area stretching ensuite ideas. You can also make bathroom mirrors on your wall by placing them side to side. It makes your bathroom look more decorated, especially when you add accent tiles between each mirror.

Ceiling Designs

It is essential to finish your bathroom remodelling with a good ceiling design. You can use a ceiling with the same color as your bathroom floor and fix LED lights to provide bright illusions to your bathroom. When you need a trendy design, you can always choose a geometric ceiling such as a pop false ceiling.  If you fancy artistic design for your ceiling, use faux tin tiles instead of the conventional ceiling. Ceiling designs provide a splendid and sophisticated look for your bathroom. The best thing about bathroom ceilings is that they are not expensive and are easy to maintain. For the best advice on tweaking your bathroom ceiling designs, House to Home design build in Rancho Santo Fe comes in handy.

For more detailed bathroom design tips, or if you want to remodel your bathroom in Rancho Santa Fe, contact us at House to Home. For an experience spanning over decades, House to Home is your design and remodeling partner!