Raised Panel vs. Flat Panel – Which Kitchen Cabinet Doors are Better?

Which Kitchen Cabinet Doors are Better

Your style and taste are vital when looking for the best kitchen cabinet doors. Both raised panels and flat panel kitchen cabinet doors fit perfectly in specific kitchen designs. After accomplishing countless kitchen remodeling in San Diego and its environs, House to Home provides insights into the features of each cabinet door and its pros and cons.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised panel cabinet doors have been famous for the longest time in history. These cabinet doors were considered the best, high-end and luxurious. Typically raised panel cabinet doors are built with a premium design using the highest quality furniture. It becomes more luxurious when some extra ornamentals are added to boost its look. If you love much detail and beautiful woodwork, raised panel cabinet doors are the best to brighten your kitchen. However, due to the introduction of custom homes, raised panel cabinet doors have lost their popularity. Most people have embraced simplicity in their kitchens rather than the more intricate décor.

Features of Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

  1. The panels are mainly elevated or raised above the door frame
  2. Raised panel doors have a vintage, traditional and richer look
  3. When incorporated with the woodgrains, they work well by providing an inherent beauty and luxurious look
  4. Most panels have either curved or arched details on their doors

Pros of Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

If you admire raised panel cabinet doors, you will enjoy most features. The doors have an artistic look with premium craftsmanship. The raised panels provide your kitchen with warmth and beauty. The wooden doors provide your living space and kitchen with a luxurious and elaborate look. Raised panel cabinet doors have the same taste as the gorgeous crown molding and the coffered ceilings. When you contact House to Home for your raised panel cabinet doors, you will enjoy the craftsmanship, elegant options, and flexible designs. We provide excellent kitchen remodeling in San Diego by incorporating tenets of timeless cabinet door designs.

Cons of Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

The main disadvantage of these cabinet door designs is the difficulty of maintaining, polishing and sealing the extra ridges, details, and edges. Raised panel doors are very expensive compared to shaker style or flat cabinet doors. Furthermore, it isn’t easy to balance the embellished kitchen cabinets without interfering with the beauty of your kitchen design.

Shaker Style and Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Flat panel cabinet doors are the most preferred when designing a modern kitchen. These cabinet doors are currently popular with the farmhouse and modern kitchen designs. As much as farmhouse and modern designs are different, the contemporary set up of flat cabinet doors complements them. However, it is good to note that your preference and style supersedes any emergy trend.

Features of Flat Cabinet Doors

  1. Flat cabinet doors have simple or no border, especially the shaker style cabinets
  2. The doors have no intricate detail nor any ornamentals
  3. The doors usually have right angles and straight lines, unlike the raised cabinet doors with curved or arched surfaces
  4. Flat cabinet doors have an aesthetic, clean, and streamlined look 

Pros of Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat cabinet doors are easier to clean and have less probability of catching grease or dust. The doors have a streamlined, simple, and aesthetic look. Furthermore, they are cheaper to buy than the raised panel cabinet doors.

Cons of Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Despite being easy to maintain and clean, the flat panel cabinet doors have visible dog nose prints. The doors don’t have any visual appeal due to the excessive simplicity and the flat surfaces. They don’t provide more interest in the appeal of the kitchen design. A raised panel door becomes a better alternative since cabinets look better in their solid woodgrain color.


Both designs of the cabinet doors are good. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose either raised panel cabinet doors or flat panel cabinet doors. Raised cabinet doors are suitable for a traditional kitchen design, and they provide a luxurious look with the best premium craftsmanship. Flat panel cabinet doors have a simplistic look and provide your kitchen with an aesthetic design. House to Home is at your service, helping you find your design styles. Our kitchen remodeling consultants will guide you on the best options and designs for the kitchen cabinet doors. Contact us today at House to Home for the best kitchen remodeling in San Diego and its environs.