Oceanside Beachfront

With a 4,800 sq foot home situated on the ocean from along the famous Strand in Oceanside, nothing less than a luxury remodel was essential here. The design called for luxurious and unique finishes on a strong budget and required high quality craftsmanship with special attention to detail. House to Home was tasked with turning this 1980’s style house into a chic, modern home for this high-end client.


The most important task was to take full advantage of the 180-degree ocean view by opening up the balcony walls and removing the sliding glass doors that access the balcony from the house. In place we installed a class railing system on the balcony and a door system with frameless glass panels, making sure there was not a single door frame or wall obstructing the views. 


Gas ceiling heaters were installed on the balcony, a BBQ grill and 2 fire features were added as well. An additional fireplace was added on the interior as one of the main focal points of the property. This interior fireplace features large Onyx slabs with backlighting to accentuate its beauty installed on the upper portion. 


Two large water features were engineered and designed to fit spaces where they would normally be considered impossible. Tape lighting and backlighting were added everywhere from the exterior of the front balcony to the back of the house game room and into the kitchen to add a bit of extra flair in this modern beach home.


The kitchen boasts cabinetry with special order brass knobs. The countertops have a 3” miter edge detail on 2 sides and waterfall edges on the other 2 sides. The appliance package and plumbing fixtures highlight the kitchen’s magnificence. 


The collaboration of great design, expert craftsmanship, and emphasis on quality, while staying within the client’s budget has certainly allowed for a happy client with a huge return on investment, raising his property value significantly and boosting the functionality of the entire home.