Luxurious Decor Ideas For Your Home

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House to Home is among the leading luxury home builders in San Diego. With decades of experience, we have helped countless clients turn their dull spaces into appealing rooms, thanks to luxurious décor. If you want such a transformation, call us to discuss your project.

What Constitutes Luxurious Décor

While most people associate high-quality products with luxury, that is not always true. Luxurious décor should fulfill the following basic categories.

Limited Runs

High-quality products are easy to come by. Most have similar designs, yet from different brands. However, luxurious décor is unique and is only available for a short period. In fact, companies producing luxurious products will have limited quantities to elicit scarcity and high demand.


Most companies will have a line of specialization regarding a certain type of décor. Such a type of décor is confined within a set of materials and designs. As such, you will get a unique décor that will bolster the aesthetic aspect of your spaces. For example, a company can exclusively produce a certain type of rug or lighting, making it hard for other manufacturers to copy the design.

Top Quality

 Not all décor is of top quality. For example, a high-quality plastic chair cannot be considered luxurious. When choosing products to turn your home into an elegant space, you must go for top-quality materials such as natural wood, natural cotton, and more. If you need leather products, go for the hand-woven options. They are not only appealing to the eye, but they are also durable.

Brand Name

Again, many brands may produce high-quality décor, but few make décor that can be considered luxurious. In fact, for a company to fall into this category, it needs to create something special and unique. Moreover, such brands don’t have to compete with other companies since buyers identify them with a specific product type.

We can help you achieve your grand décor idea at House to Home by populating your home with top-quality furniture, art, and other elements. Our team has ideas suited for just about any room.

What To Consider When Choosing a Luxurious Style


The luxury style you choose should show your personality. That is, you should go for a style that complements your individuality. For example, if you are laidback, you can go for furniture or art with subtle colors, with plants offering that colorful hint.

You can also consider existing furniture and determine which décor will complement each other. If you like spacious rooms, you can do with less floor décor and more wall décor. Just ensure to strike a balance.


Contrast enables you to create a wow factor in your room. You can use different colors, materials, furniture, and style here. Drawing such contrast will see your room come to life. Choose the main color and one or two hue options that complement it to create a striking contrast. Do not forget to add negative spaces for eye refocusing.


Luxurious décor is not all about beauty and comfort but also the functionality. For example, you can incorporate appealing storage space or use multi-purpose furniture such as attractive hooks to hang your keys or decorative scarves.


While a higher price signals a top-quality product, that’s not always the case. Some companies will inflate their prices just because of the brand name. As such, you should ensure to strike a balance between price and quality. If possible, you can find a designer to create a unique product for you at a reduced price.

Don’t Go Overboard

Well, you might be tempted to go overboard, showing off your luxury pieces. Unfortunately, home décor is not fashion. Too much luxurious décor can create a clash that can be overwhelming. In fact, your space will look busy and cluttered. You should use one or two pieces to define zones. However, ensure visual continuity.

House to Home is one of the leading luxury home builders in San Diego that can help you strike the right balance between functionality, beauty, and comfort. If you need a luxurious space, you can reach us to discuss your project.

Luxurious Décor Ideas for Your Home

Use Different Textiles

Let’s face it; most homeowners will use the same material for the sofa, throw pillows, chair, and drapes. Unfortunately, this combination makes your spaces look flat and dull. To avoid this, you can swap drapes and throw pillows with various materials, styles, and sizes to easily improve visual appeal and add dimension. You can even add several hues that complement the neutrals in your home. If you don’t want a brighter palette, you can choose dusty pink or light mustard.

Add Flowers to Your Space

You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a luxury space. Instead, you can work with cheap flowers to add that much-needed sophistication. You should, however, keep in mind the vase you’ll be using, plus the flower arrangement. For example, you can separate the bouquet by the stems and spread them around your room.

Declutter Your Room

Clutter can make your space look cheap. An expensive bookshelf with too much stuff can deny your area that luxurious appeal. As mentioned, you don’t want to show off all your favorite pieces. As such, choose the ones that will improve the aesthetics of your room. Alternatively, you can rearrange your shelves. It will help you identify pieces that you no longer need.

Include Thrift Products

Contrary to dogma, thrift items can also lighten up your room. You can visit thrift stores, flea markets, and similar places and get yourself vintage and modern décor. In fact, not only will your space appear luxurious but also classic.

Take Time To Decorate Each Area

To achieve that luxury appeal, you must be well-versed in surface styling. It is the art of giving specific furniture or items the spotlight. You can include expertly styled pieces for an overall richer experience. Once you decide on the things to include, arrange them appealingly.

Use Unique Lampshades

Another tip to improve the appeal of your San Diego home is to switch out standard stock shades with more personal ones. To achieve this, you can consult a designer in your area. For example, a big-box lamp will help add dimension to the immediate space. The best part? There are many affordable options to choose from.

Use Unique Curtains

Most luxurious homes often have high ceilings and are floored with natural light. You achieve this interior design concept by hanging the drapes close to the ceiling. As you’d expect, it will draw the eyes up, giving it a loftier appearance. Do not forget to add sheer curtains since they soften the natural light. Besides, they make the room feel cozier and more comfortable.

Use Old Artwork

Well, chances are you have old artwork lying somewhere unused. Using new paint or craft supplies can give life to these pieces. You don’t need to break the bank to get a spray can. With a few dollars, you’ll be on your way to updating old frames. Use craft supplies to spice up your creativity.

Don’t Forget To Use a Rug

Spice up your living space with a statement-making rug. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the room, but it also adds much-needed warmth, comfort, and texture. And for added visual appeal, you can go with a custom rug.

Improve Existing Tile Design

Spice up your living space with a statement-making rug. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the room, but it also adds much-needed warmth, comfort, and texture. And for added visual appeal, you can go with a custom rug.

Benefits of Adding Luxurious Décor

Allows for Personal Touch and Comfort

Whether you are buying furniture or items for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or backyard, the style and design are of great importance. As such, you need to incorporate your personal touch to avoid designs and styles you are uncomfortable with.

As one of the leading luxury home builders in San Diego, we can work with any furniture to create your desired personal touch and comfort. We have many décor ideas that you will embrace.

Improves the Appeal of Your Home

It is arguably the chief benefit of settling for high-end luxurious décor. From using unique art to furniture made of high-quality wood, the appeal of your home will be timeless. Besides, they add a classic taste that normal décor can’t.

Improves the Value of Your Home

Its no doubt that adding premier furniture, tiles, art, and other elements will increase the value of your home.


There are many luxurious décor ideas to choose from. Most are dependent on your personality and budget. Hailed as one of the best luxury home builders in San Diego, we help clients realize their luxurious dreams. If this is you, contact us today.