How To Maximize Your Bathroom Space

If you need a home builder in Carlsbad to maximize your bathroom space consult House to Home. You will get ample and efficient space in your bathroom with different inspiring designs. There are different functional methods to maximize your bathroom space.

Here are stylish ways to maximize your bathroom space:

Clothing Rack

Mount a clothing rack on your bathroom wall to hand delicate clothes. You can leave your clothes dry in the rack or use it when planning your favorite outfit. If the space is smaller, use a folding rack instead. Add a piece of freestanding storage to the free space below the rack.

Compact Laundry

Keep your compact laundry in the middle of the bathroom. The laundry has hidden storage, a dryer and a washer. Its sleek doors are designed to fold in half to occupy the minimum space possible.

Storage Bench

The bathroom has wall hooks that you can hang your towel as you shower. It also has a storage bench for keeping away your clothes. These benches are perfect for a family with kids. Parents can sit on the benches before bathing and tuck kids’ clothing in the storage below.

Recessed Shelves

If you want to maximize your bathroom space and at the same time keep it neat, use recessed shelves. You can fix these shelves next to your vanity to store your toiletries, toothpaste and other items.

Hooks and Ladders

If you want to add more storage space for your clothes and towels, fix hooks on the walls. You can create more clothing space by leaning a ladder against the wall.

Hidden Drawers

Nooks under the staircase can add more storage space to your bathroom. You can build cabinetry or recessed drawers in these spaces. This cabinetry or drawers will provide more space for your toiletries and essential items. House to Home can help you make use of such spaces. Contact us if you need a home builder in Carlsbad for excellent bathroom designs.

Storage Wall

If your vanity storage is not enough, consider using the storage wall. Dedicate one of your bathroom walls to keeping toiletries and towels. The open shelf is ideal for keeping extra items.

Gap-Filling Shelves

Most bathrooms have an extra space at the foot of a bathtub. Make this space useful by creating vertical shelves to create more spaces. When you design open vertical shelves at the foot of your bathtub, your bathroom space will look bigger. Vertical shelving is better than clustered surface storage. You can use identical tins or baskets to keep your items on these open shelves. The design gives your bathroom a smart storage solution. The advantage of this type of shelving is that it can be used in any configuration of your bathroom.

Ceiling-Height Storage

If you have a high bathroom ceiling, use it as storage space. Use shelves that touch the ceiling from the bathroom floor. These additional spaces can be used to display items and keep extra towels. These shelves add significant space that complements your cabinet storage.

Wall-to-Wall Vanities

Most vanities leave extra dead space on the walls. These spaces can be used to increase the size of your bathroom. Consider building custom vanities that touch the walls of your bathroom. When you design a custom vanity, you will have more space for drawers, sinks, and counter spaces. Apart from maximizing your bathroom, custom vanities provide a sleek design. House to Home can custom design your vanities for more space and a beautiful bathroom look. Contact us at House to Home if you need a home builder in Carlsbad and its environs.

Store Bathroom Items on a Cart

Convert the usual bar cart for your bathroom essentials. Instead of glasses and bar shakers, you will have the perfect storage for lotions and towels. The cart is a great movable manicure or styling station. Roll the cart into the closet when you need extra space. You can conveniently pull it back when you need it again.

Dual Purpose Mirror

When your bathroom storage is minimal, use this design. When the door is closed, you have a stylish round mirror. You get shelves for your beauty products when you open the door. It’s a perfect way to have both shelves and a mirror in one place.


Depending on your taste and design, there are many ways to maximize your bathroom space. Utilizing the idle space in your bathroom is a perfect way to maximize its size. If you need a home builder in Carlsbad, contact House to Home for the best bathroom remodeling designs.