How to Avoid Common Roofing Issues in Your Old Home

How to Avoid Common Roofing Issues in Your Old Home

Do you have roofing issues? House to Home provides the best home additions in San Diego. If you want to protect your assets, contact a roofing company for constant monitoring of your roof. The company will eviscerate the issues by performing repairs and replacements. Since your house is old, there might be curled shingles, cracks, leaks, or flapping shingles.

Solutions to Avoid Common Roofing Issues in Your Old Home

Overhanging Branches

When landscaping your backyard, trees provide a scenic look to your home. However, trees closer to your home can pose a great problem. Overhanging tree limbs and branches often wear out your roof. These limbs scrap your shingles, creating cracks and leaks. Moreover, falling leaves will block the drainage of your gutters.

If you live in an area with constant storms and winds, falling branches can easily damage your roof. It is a good idea to consult an expert for professional advice. House to Home provides professional services if you need a regular inspection of your old home. We provide various home additions in San Diego, such as roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

Old Gutters

During winter, ice dams block and add weight to your eaves troughs. The dams prevent the free flow of water in the gutters, shingles and downspouts. Over time, there will be gaps in the fascia. Sediments in the gutters also contribute to the problem.

The best solution to avoid these problems is to install a mesh or a gutter guard. Cleaning your gutters frequently improves their efficiency. Consider having a professional roof cleaning company to prevent your old home from eventualities.


If you notice drips and discoloration of your attics, it indicates the presence of roof leaks. Stains in your ceiling are also a major identifier of roof leaks. In addition, you can observe roof edges to confirm if there is a change or a problem.

As an immediate solution, you can add caulking to the vents to control the leaks. However, it is best to contact an expert roofer for permanent solutions. House to Home has a vast experience in roof repairs and other home additions in San Diego.

Incorrect DIY Projects

DIY solutions for your old home roofing are cheaper. However, these fixtures might pose a great issue in the future. Moreover, you can get injured as you undertake these projects. Don’t climb on your roof if you lack enough safety training.

Always hire qualified and experienced roofing professionals. The contractor will access your roof and provide the best solution. Hiring a contractor will be cheaper in the long run. In addition, the solutions will be permanent and effective.

Inefficient Flashing

If you have satellite dishes, chimneys, vents and skylights in your old home, they must be enclosed with a flashing. Flashing prevents water from leaking into your roof during the rainy season. However, as the flashing ages, it degrades and allows water to drip through your roof.

Consider installing flashing at the valleys, seams, joints, and edges of your roof. Having efficient flashing allows you to get rid of common roofing issues. In addition, check the flashing periodically for wear or tear. An expert roof contractor can easily solve the problem of degrading flashing. House to Home provides professional home additions in San Diego, including installing and repairing flashing.

Poor Ventilation

Poor or non-existent ventilation in the roofing of your old home is a disaster in waiting. Your roofing needs a free air flow to keep the attics cool and dry. Ensure that vents are correctly installed to keep your attics in good condition. If your roof has poor ventilation, there will be frost during winter and high temperatures during summer.

In addition, moist air affects your decking and trusses with time. Spongy trusses make the roofing of your old home sag with time. If you notice the rotting of trusses, the entire roof needs a replacement. You need an expert for these tasks to maintain the structure of your old home.

You can also consider having vents at the edges, ridges and gables. Vents allow roof ventilation and rid you of the high bills of setting an A/C or HVAC system.


As your home gets older, there will be gaps in the roofing. When water drips through these gaps, you will have roof decay and mold problem. Consider contracting an expert to inspect your roof for openings and other issues in your roof. A genuine contractor has the equipment to detect gaps that may not be visible to the naked eye. One of the roofing technology is the use of a drone to check for any problems.

Wear and Tear

Most parts of the roofing need to be replaced after their shelf life. As your home ages, shingles wear out. Consider having a maintenance schedule for your roof to avoid further damage. However, if your roof suffers extensive wear and tear, consider replacing the entire roof. In addition, replace your roofing materials with high-quality products. These replacements should withstand harsh weather and hazards such as fire risks. If you need high-quality home additions in San Diego, find a company with a good reputation.

Lack of Maintenance

A roof of an old home requires regular maintenance. Roofing parts wear out as they age. If you get scheduled roof maintenance, you will reduce the costs of repairs and replacements.


Since your roof is mostly out of sight, you will likely not notice its problems in time. Being proactive ensures you identify and find immediate solutions to your roofing problems. Consider hiring a contractor to inspect your old home and provide necessary solutions regularly. House to Home is a trusted contractor with decades of experience in the industry. Contact us today for various roof repairs and home additions in San Diego.