How Much Exterior Home Design Costs in San Diego?

Exterior Home Design Costs in San Diego

If you are planning to improve your home’s exterior, House to Home is the best San Diego home designer. When you contact House to Home, you will get the precise details and all information on how you can best remodel your home. Remodeling the exterior of your home is an inspiring and exciting idea. However, getting the actual cost is daunting.

Since your home’s exterior has different elements, planning for the overall cost is overwhelming. You need to have unified data on types of materials, quality, and labor costs.

Exterior Home Design Costs in San Diego

Before starting your exterior home design, you must prepare your finances. On average, a designer will charge you about $15,000 to start in San Diego. The cost includes painting, decorations, porch railings, and window and door trim updates. These costs might look more expensive at first, but the value you will get from this investment is more.

However, the exact amount may vary depending on your home’s size and design. The total costs will depend on the work done, such as replacing certain exterior materials. You might also like to improve the cosmetic look of your home. In addition, you may decide on planning the tasks yourself or hiring a traditional or virtual exterior designer. House to Home is a leading San Diego home designer for all your revamping needs.

Cost of Exterior Painting

Exterior home designers currently charge about $3,000 to start for painting services depending on the scope of the project. However, several factors may influence the cost of painting your home. Paint quality is a leading factor in determining the cost of your exterior home design. In addition, the size of your home will cause the cost of painting to increase. Moreover, the number of doors and windows may increase the painting costs as door and window trims require lots of paint.

No matter the size and budget of your project, always consider hiring a professional. Finding a perfect home designer in San Diego ensures your project’s quality and safety. Moreover, the right professional will help your project run smoothly due to their experience with similar tasks.

Cost of Trims on Doors and Windows

Updating the trims of your doors and windows will cost you an average of $300. New paint on the trim of your doors and windows gives your home a huge face lift. If you paint your windowpanes a new color, your house will change drastically. If you like vintage design, consider giving your home’s exterior a midcentury look. You can do this by changing your window panes’ orientation from vertical to horizontal. It is even better to switch to spacious windows instead of multiple windowpanes. It also a great idea if you have a beautiful backyard view. However, if you live in a traditional farmhouse or want a French touch, have vertical window panes.

Installing a new door cost at least $1,000 and installing new windows will cost you not less than $5,000. However, these costs will vary depending on the quality of materials and designs you choose so updating the trims is still a more budget friendly option than replacing them entirely.

Cost of Front Porch Railings

The cost of replacing porch railings varies. Depending on your San Diego home designer, you will pay between $500 and $7,000. A normal porch railing costs about $1,000 for every 10 feet. Depending on your taste, you can choose either wood or iron railings. Most people prefer wrought iron for their house railings. However, you can use wood with dark paint. If you want to give your home a cohesive look, match the colors of the shutters with the railing.

Cost of Decorations

If you want to awaken curb appeal, consider incorporating decorations into your home. There are countless decorations you can choose for your exterior home design. Costs here can easily run you into the thousands for porch furniture and lighting depending on the quality you want to go with. You will also incur additional costs such as flower pots and throw pillows.

Before starting your exterior home design, plan what your front yard and backyard will look like. If you are the type of person that enjoys outdoor dinners, invest in the yard. You can add string lights, a picnic bench, and even a cozy firepit. Another way is to have a comfortable porch for your favorite morning coffee. If you add throw pillows to the chairs and are fortunate to have a pool as well, you will have an entertaining and cozy home.

Furthermore, some decorating your home provides a different type of value to potential buyers. I am talking about safety and security. Increase the safety and security of your home by adding porch lights and lamp posts. New buyers will be interested in the neighborhood and your home’s safety and by adding the appropriate lighting you will help give your house that added sense of security that is so highly coveted.

Cost of Landscaping

The cost of improving the landscaping of your home depends on a lot of factors such as the size of your compound, type of yard desired and any desired amenities to name a few. This could cost anywhere from a few hundred if you are putting in sweat equity and making minimal changes other than some heavy yardwork to the tens of thousands to do a high-end full makeover.

You can add plants and flowers to blend with your yard and give it a beautiful look. Beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs will increase the value of your home. Buyers will pay more for good landscaping.

If you want to get the best landscaping, hire a professional. You can also do more research on the types of plants and soil. House to Home is a reliable designer for all your landscaping requirements.


Improving the exterior of your home gives it more aesthetic and financial value. You can add exterior painting, exterior treatments and landscaping to enhance the look of your home. When you work with us you know you will get professional work of the best quality as House to Home is the leading San Diego home designer.