Home Additions Tips by the Best Remodeling Contractor in San Diego

If you want more space  to accommodate your grandparents, growing family, or a guest cottage, home addition is your best solution. A home addition is an exciting idea. The remodeling provides a functional, purposeful, and aesthetic look to your living area. However, it is not an easy task; it requires extensive planning and coordination of various construction and financial requirements. At House to Home, we help you handle all your home additions tasks with professionalism to bring out the best design that surpasses your dreams. 

Here are The Expert Tips for Your Home Addition in San Diego

Create a Plan

When creating a home addition, you might need to add a bedroom or two with a bathroom to your existing house. It is essential to check if your home addition space will fit within your property area during the process. Carry out due diligence with your local government to ensure that the local laws and codes allow you to build next to your neighbors. When coming up with the plan, ensure that your home addition does not interfere with the utility lines such as power lines and sewer system. Your structural changes should fit and be in line with the foundation and framing of your existing house. As you plan your home addition, consider the architectural design impact of your house and how the addition will add value to your home. For the best design and planning of your home addition, consult House to Home Design-Build.

Budget Accordingly

Before starting your project, create a detailed budget for every aspect of your home addition. Keep into consideration all the material costs, utility valuation, and cost of the required permits. If you are not sure about the total costs of your home addition, obtain bids from the local contractors to help you come up with a sustainable budget for your project. You might need to add about 20% of the total cost given by your contractor to cover the unforeseen expenditures. If the figure is too high, consider choosing alternative materials to lower the cost and achieve your desired home addition. If you need a realistic budget that fits your home addition specifications, consider consulting us at House to Home for a seamless process.

Determine What You Need

After getting your budget right, assess various aspects that you need for your home addition. Consider checking on the physical amenities required, such as beds, air conditioning, bathtub, and carpeting. Creating a list of the items you need prevents you from going overboard with your budget. When highlighting the items required, first accommodate the basic features before listing the luxurious amenities such as Jacuzzi tubs for bathrooms or wine coolers in the kitchen. If you have a tight budget, consider acquiring the basic amenities first, then purchase other luxuries later when you can buy.

Obtain the Required Permits

Get to know your zoning codes to determine the permits required for your home addition. A home addition is not a simple process of budgeting and building; you need proper documentation, including deeds and permits. Before building your home addition, you might be required to obtain a plan of your property indicating the distances to your neighboring buildings and the property lines. You can easily obtain your survey plans from your local registry. It is important to note that building beyond your property lines might attract unnecessary legal complications or turn down your home addition. If you need to avoid these issues or don’t have enough time to get the legal documents, hire us at House to Home for fast and efficient approval of your home addition.

Work with a Trusted Professional Contractor

It is important to note that a home addition is not just a simple DIY project. Most of your home addition tasks are handled by a professional contractor. Before starting your project, ensure that you hire the best contractor. Obtain bids from the local contractors to choose from. Research these contractors on their websites and check various reviews from their previous clients. It is important to check if the chosen contractor is licensed. When shortlisting your contractors, be wary of low bids. Such contractors may perform a substandard task, or they may not understand your work scope. At House to Home, we have vast experience and expertise to design your home addition, recommending the layouts, utilities, spacing, and amenities that will excite you and provide value for your money.

Evaluate Your Existing Utilities

Consult an HVAC contractor or an electrician to check the standard of your existing utilities and determine if the HVAC and electrical systems can handle the extra capacity of load. If your home addition project involves digging underneath or breaking the ground, ensure that your compound is checked for any underground utilities to avoid loss or accidents.

Get Approval from Your Neighbors

It is courteous to tell your neighbors about your project beforehand when planning for your home addition. When constructing your home addition, you may not want to deal with a resentful or angry neighbor. Make your neighbors aware of your project to keep them comfortable during the construction process due to noise and disruptions. When you clear with your neighbors, it gives you peace of mind as you continue with your project.

In Need of Home Addition in San Diego?

At House to Home Design-Build, we have extensive experience constructing home addition for our clients in San Diego and other parts of California. We have a team of experienced experts to professionally handle your home addition work. We are a licensed contractor for home additions, repairs, remodeling, and design. Contact us today at House to Home Design-Build.