Going Green: Sustainable Materials for Your ADU Construction

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If you’ve ever considered ADU construction in San Diego, you’re already on your way to going green. Going green in the building industry is something that’s becoming more prevalent. With our limited resources and the looming impact of climate change, choosing sustainable materials for your ADU construction is just one way to make a positive, more environmentally friendly choice when building your ADU.

While the issue of climate change can seem like a huge issue, investing in a sustainable ADU is a practical and straightforward solution. Making a few essential decisions before you begin the project with House to Home, can lead to sustainable and cost-effective ADU construction in San Diego.

Here’s Why ADUs Are a Sustainable Choice

As we mentioned, if you’ve ever considered building an ADU, you’re already on your way to becoming more sustainable. A small ADU is anywhere between 200-600 sq. ft., with a larger ADU being between 600-1,200 sq. ft. The smaller nature instantly gives ADUs a smaller environmental footprint.

Due to their size and the lesser material that has to be used, this lessens the need for us to import materials from outside areas. With the lack of need for transporting materials, our team doesn’t have to rely as heavily on transporting goods.

In addition, when building your ADU from scratch, you can pick and choose which sustainable materials to use. Our team will also suggest which sustainable materials work best for the building and the environment.

Why Choose Sustainable Materials?

When constructing an ADU in San Diego, we often get asked, “Why choose sustainable materials over regular building materials?” And the answer to this is broad, and our customers’ reasons for choosing sustainable materials depend on what they’re after from a project. For some, the cost-effective nature of picking a sustainable option is the driving force. Whereas for other customers, choosing to style with strictly secondhand pieces is their preferred look and aesthetic. 

Better for the Planet

If you’re conscious about your environmental footprint for years to come, choosing sustainable building materials is a natural choice. Choosing a sustainable material over one that will break down in several years is better for the planet. When sustainable materials break down, they can be incorporated back into the environment, whereas other building materials must be thrown out after they’ve been used and contribute to landfill.

The long-term impact of whatever building materials you choose to be with will be here for years to come. So making an eco-conscious decision ultimately leads to less waste and negative environmental impact. To be able to enjoy our environment and the beautiful San Diego area in the future means everyone needs to start making and considering these decisions in the present.

Cost Effective

While it may not be obvious, opting to construct your ADU in San Diego sustainably is a cost-effective decision. Sustainable building materials are cheaper than traditional building materials. So, if you’re concerned about budget or want to stick to a certain number when building your ADU in San Diego, then building sustainably might just be for you.

Depending on the size of the ADU you’re looking to build, it can be a small or large investment. House to Home is here to work with you and your budget. We’re transparent about costs, where you can save, and where we know you should invest extra. Sustainable materials are a cost-effective alternative to keep your budget low.

Sustainable Materials for ADU Construction in San Diego

When constructing your ADU in San Diego, you can change out a huge range of elements to make your ADU more sustainable. If you have a particular material in mind that you want to use, talk to our team, and we can suggest if it will work for your build. But in the meantime, we’ve listed just a few of the materials and ways to make your ADU more sustainable.

Use Recycled Materials

Taking advantage of recycled materials is a great way to build sustainably. Recycled materials can save you a huge amount of money and come with a rustic, worn-in charm. These materials can be used for your ADU’s interior and exterior and add to your landscaping. Below are just some of the recycled materials you can use for your ADU construction in San Diego.

  • Recycled brick
  • Recycled pavers
  • Recycled bathtubs and sinks
  • Recycled doors

Shop for Local Building Materials

When you shop locally for business materials, you’re doing a great job supporting local employment and the economy. By sourcing materials from the San Diego area, you’ll know who you’re buying from, and they can give you further insight into where the product was sourced from.

In addition, you’re supporting the economy directly around you instead of having materials shipped in from other countries. Shopping locally is a great way to build up the community around you. House to Home enjoys contributing to the community and always looks for ways to improve and be a part of it. Purchasing building materials locally is just one way to do it.

Utilize Natural Light

If you’ve ever been inside an ADU or had one built previously, you’ll know how important natural light is for sustainability and interior design. Natural lighting is a key element in any interior of your home or ADU. It’s the difference that can make your space feel open and airy, or without it; it can feel closed in and small. But utilizing natural light does a whole lot more than this. You can save on heating by ensuring your ADU in San Diego is positioned in the correct place and utilizes natural light. As an ADU is smaller, warming it up with natural light takes less time. Using sunlight is a great way to make a sustainable shift.

Solar Power

While utilizing natural light is perfect for the warmer months, you need a heating solution when you get into the colder months. What better way to heat and power your home sustainably than solar power? Solar power is energy efficient and has a minimal environmental impact compared to other power options.

In addition to its environmentally friendly benefits, solar panels last up to 30 plus years. So while they can be costly, they’re an investment for the environment and are usually more cost-effective than other fossil-fueled options.

Reduce Energy Consumption

While lowering energy consumption can be fantastic for reducing your utility bill, lower energy consumption is great for the environment. The less we use, the less waste and pollution will be put out. Ensuring that your ADU in San Diego is energy efficient can be done through a range of minor adjustments.

  • Walls with dense insulation to keep either warm or cool air in
  • Opting for a lighter color roof or exterior walls to reflect sun rays
  • Select water-saving features, such as water-saving shower heads for taps

Picking and choosing various energy-saving options makes your ADU more sustainable and less costly in the future.

Style Sustainably

Once your ADU has been built and finished, it’s time to style. Styling the interior of ADU is the perfect way to add your personality to the space. Making the conscious decision to style sustainably is great to continue the theme of building green right through your ADU.

Choosing and buying styling items from local shops or going vintage shopping is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than big box stores. Alternatively, if you have any pieces of furniture that you’re looking to get rid of before you do, see if they have the potential to be upcycled. This is a fantastic way to use what you already have without making additional purchases.

What Now?

Building your ADU sustainably is just one of the ways to improve your environmental impact, but it also provides you with a range of benefits.

House to Home is a business that’s built around a customer-centric foundation. Our team does everything before, during, and after the build to ensure our customers are happy, providing a seamless build. We work with our customers to offer a combination of creativity, quality, and craftsmanship. Catering to whatever budget you have in mind, we’re transparent with costs and provide an end result that works for you.

We’re excited about starting your building journey with our hands-on approach. If you’re ready to build a sustainable ADU in the San Diego area, get in touch with us. But if you’re still looking for some inspiration, keep up to date with us on Instagram or read through our blogs for all the insider info you could possibly need.