Expert Tips to Make Your House Eco-Friendly

Make Your House Eco-Friendly

Finding one of the best custom home builders in San Diego seems onerous. However, House to Home has a solution for your best eco-friendly house. An eco-friendly house is cheaper. You will incur fewer costs in terms of energy and water consumption.

There are several ways to make your house eco-friendly now and in the future. Here are the expert tips for real progress to these goals:

Insulating Your House

Complete insulation prevents warmth from exiting your house. House insulation gives you more energy-saving advantages, especially during the winter season. You can use cotton or sheep wool instead of fiberglass to make your walls warm. In addition, you can use cellulose from paper, newsprint, or even the bark of an oak tree.

Air Sealing

Most of the heat loss in your house results from unsealed or less-insulated attics. The warm air in your house escapes through the rooftop. If you seal your roof, it makes it better to regulate the temperature in your house. House to Home is one of your best choice of custom home builders in San Diego for this task. Not only will you regulate heating or cooling, but you will reduce energy consumption in your home. You will have an effective environment that is responsive to each climatic condition.

Improving Your Floor Plan

If you want to take advantage of the natural light, improve your floor design. Optimizing your floor plan saves you money by reducing your energy consumption. Use natural light to have better room designs for your dining or office area. Keep your windows neat and remove unnecessary shades blocking the sunlight. Improving the cosmetics aspects of your house makes it more eco-friendly.

Furthermore, you can use sustainable flooring. The best way to achieve this is to salvage wood from old structures or buildings. These woods are a good way to save forests or trees than leaving them to rot in landfills. Furthermore, wood is safer. Wood flooring doesn’t contain harmful or volatile compounds. For instance, manufactured products may have very harmful components that are detrimental to your health. In addition, you can make your house eco-friendly by using recycled items. These items include tires, plastic, glass, cork or bamboo. You can utilize such products for making sustainable carpets.

Energy Saving Air Conditioners

The best way to reduce your monthly bill is by installing air conditioners. You can achieve this by using less carbon footprint and low energy systems. You can opt for central air or split system ducts. House to Home is one of the leading custom home builders in San Diego for these tasks. You can choose any of the A/C systems you prefer for your convenience.

Hydronic Radiant Heaters

If you want to save energy in your house, consider using water instead of air. Hydronic systems are more eco-friendly and cheaper than air. Air systems from forced air are more expensive than using water. It is even cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, a water heating system is good for your health. Air systems use blowers that might cause you allergies and other health problems. Most people experience health problems from blown dust particles.

Solar Panels

The best way to reduce fossil fuel reliance is by using solar panels. Solar panels provide pure and clean energy from the sun. They make your house 100% eco-friendly. However, solar panels can be expensive during installation but cheaper in the long run. Even if the panels take time to break even, they are the best way to save energy. House to Home is the perfect custom home builder in San Diego to design your solar panels. House to Home has the best technology and design to make your solar panels absorb most of the sun’s rays.

Power Strips

Consider optimizing your power usage. Some electronics like printers only need power when in use. You can avoid phantom power loss by keeping these electronics off when not in use. Install power strips to avoid the hassle of unplugging these items each time. These strips cut power from the electronics that are not in use.

Moreover, they control or keep on the systems. Some electronics, such as routers or modems, must always be up. The power strip will allocate power to each electronic system according to use.

Eco-Friendly Windows

Always use windows that conserve energy. If you install double–pane windows, you will optimize the energy consumption. These windows prevent heat in summer and cold air in winter. If you get high-performing windows, you will reduce heat loss by upto 50%. Cotton, hemp, or bamboo can help keep your windows sustainable.

Smart Thermostats

Using a smart thermostat, you can comfortably monitor your home’s climate and energy consumption. You can access and control your thermostat using an app. In addition, you can use your smartphone to schedule your power usage during high or low peak seasons. If you want custom home builders in San Diego for your thermostats, contact House to Home.

Paints and Wallpapers

Consider using eco-friendly wallpapers and paints in your house. Eco-friendly paints emit fewer toxins and VOCs, thereby reducing air pollution. If you want wallpapers, choose the ones with eco-conscious designs. US Environmental Protection Agency has lost information on selecting these products.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs consume less energy than fluorescent ones. Not only that LED bulbs reduce your energy consumption, but they also last longer. LED bulbs have more hours of light than ordinary bulbs. House to Home has the best services if you want custom home builders in San Diego for bulb installation.


Keeping your house eco-friendly is the best want to reduce your energy consumption. You will also reduce air pollution, improve air quality, and optimize natural light in your house. There are countless methods to keep your house eco-friendly. If you need custom home builders in San Diego to keep your house eco-friendly, worry no more. House to Home has the latest technologies to make your house eco-friendly and sustainable. Contact us today.