Are you Ready to Create your Dream Deck?

Are you Ready to Create your Dream Deck

A home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe can come in different types, among them remodeling or building a deck. We construct elegant and durable decks at House to Home according to your needs. This article looks at all you need to know about a deck.

What is a deck?

A deck is generally a wooden structure located adjacent to your house. Contrary to popular belief, it can be found anywhere around your property. A front porch or stairway can be a deck. In short, if the structure resembles a deck, it is a deck.

Furthermore, you can construct decks in Rancho Santa Fe above an outdoor swimming pool. They are for easier access to the pool and relaxing. As you’d expect, they come with distinctive challenges.

Local authorities will require you to elect a barrier to prevent children from falling into the pool. And if the wall is part of the deck, you must ensure it’s of a specific height. Other requirements include self-latching gates that allow safe entry to the pool.

Common parts of a deck

Decks on Rancho Santa Fe can be simple or complex; however, they share essential parts that ensure longevity and safety. Let’s look at these parts.


The IRC code requires you to install a deck flashing to prevent moisture from entering your house. It is installed between the deck and the house using a corrosion-resistant material. Water can damage the sections attaching the deck to your home.

If the deck is to pull away, it can cause bodily injuries or, even worse, death. We recommend using vinyl, copper, or steel deck flashing. If possible, use copper flashing since it is compatible with most chemicals.

Ledger attachment

To connect the deck to your house, you use a ledger and attach it using screws or bolts. Avoid using nails, as it is against Rancho Santa Fe regulations. Besides, nails are susceptible to corrosion.

Also, use lateral load connectors when securing the deck to your house. Failure to do this, the deck might pull away with time.


If your deck is over 30 inches above the ground, you need to install a guardrail to prevent people from falling from the deck. A deck without guards can be dangerous, especially to families with kids.

Several codes provide force resistance guards requirements. So, ensure to comply with the one at hand. They also offer the guardrails’ ideal height. Horizontal guards should be at least 36-inch tall.


As you’d expect, these materials hold the deck in place. For example, deck flooring, nails, floor joints, screws, and joist hangers. Again, you should consult the code you use to meet the preset requirements.


Stairways allow easy and safe access to the deck. You should install stairways if the deck is 8 inches above the ground. If it has over four raisers, you must install handrails.

They help the elderly and children to climb quickly. Ensure the handrails are between 34inches and 38 inches above the stairway leading edge. Do not forget to install posts and footings to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Things to consider when building your dream deck

Now that you know the critical parts of a deck, let’s see some considerations you should make when building one.

Purpose and function

Decks have different functions depending on their locations. Since the weather in Rancho Santa Fe is relatively warm, the primary purpose would be to enjoy the outdoor climate.

Nonetheless, have a vision of the function and purpose of your deck. For example, you can use it for entertainment, outdoor privacy, pool access area, or outdoor dining.


As mentioned, you can build your dream deck anywhere on your property. Ideally, its function will determine where it will stand. You can only make a pool deck near a swimming pool.

When choosing the ideal location, consider the following:

  • The property size
  • The area’s climate
  • Scenic views
  • Your neighbor’s privacy
  • Access to your house
  • Sun direction in the morning and evening


Conventionally, most homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe use wood to build decks. While a good and classic choice, you can use other durable and trendy materials. Most require less maintenance than wooden decks.

Materials to choose from are:

  • Aluminum: Ideal for anti-slip decks
  • Plastic or PVC: Resistant to rot, making it an all-weather material.
  • Hardwood: Durable and appealing
  • Pressure-treated woods: All-weather and classic material


Ideally, the deck style should complement your house’s style. It creates a visual hierarchy, making your property more appealing. Ensure to consider the architectural design and proportions of your house. If you want an attractive style, consider calling House to Home. We do home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe.


To improve the aesthetics of your dream deck, you need to install the right lighting system. In addition, it improves safety, especially those used at night. The type of fixture, like solar or wired, will affect the deck’s style.

Some of the lights you can install are:

  • Overhead lights
  • Path lights
  • Wall mounted lights
  • Recessed step lights
  • Balusters
  • Rail lights

To give it a vibrant ambiance, you can choose from the following styles:

  • Linear lighting
  • Spa lighting
  • Wicker park
  • Sunken deck style


Your privacy when using your deck should be one of your primary concerns. It would help if you built your deck on the most private area of your property.

Most homeowners will build decks in their backyards, especially in crowded neighborhoods. Besides, you don’t want to intrude on the privacy of your neighbors.

Unfortunately, not all homes have private areas. In such a case, you can add privacy features to your decks, such as a lattice trellis and screens.


Before building your deck, you must contact your local authorities to know which code you need to follow. House to Home can help you with this. We ensure to follow all regulations in Rancho Santa Fe. So if you want legal and professional home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe, book a consultation.


Finally, your budget will determine the size, design, and materials you will use. You should also consider labor if you go with a professional builder. Like other construction projects, consider extras such as lighting, water systems, flowers, etc.

Benefits of building a deck

Extended entertainment

If you love having a good time with your friends but feel cramped indoors, consider building a deck. It can improve your entertainment and visitor satisfaction significantly. The best part, you can use your deck for any party. From birthdays to dinners and barbecues, the list is endless. The best part? You don’t mess up your indoors, making cleaning an easy task.

Increases home value

Most real estate investors in Rancho Santa Fe are more likely to buy a property with a gorgeous deck. A deck that complements the main house will increase the home value significantly. So, ensure to build an appealing and durable deck. Moreover, keep your outdoors well-maintained.

Improves home aesthetics

An elegant deck will no doubt improve the aesthetic of your property. Especially if it complements and not competes with the main house. Your compound will look stunning with added lighting, flowers, and rare materials.

Allows customization

If you want a more functional deck, you can add other features like a gazebo or pergola. With a gazebo, you can enjoy the outdoors anytime you want. A pergola will make your deck and house look more appealing.

In short, a deck gives you the freedom to create anything you want. Just make sure it can support additional structures.

It gives you outdoor privacy

Sometimes you want to have time alone. However, indoors can feel overwhelming, given how cramped it can be. A deck can offer this much-needed privacy in an outdoor setting. You’ll enjoy the cool breeze and warm air as you have your free time.

What is the difference between a deck and a patio?

While a deck is a wooden, or similar material, structure adjacent to your house, a patio is a concrete space near a house’s exterior. It is primarily built in the backyard. However, you can make it on either side of your home.

Most homeowners will use patios as outdoor dining areas. Unlike decks, you build patios on the ground and come with limited features. Patios come in different sizes and shapes, with most accommodating a few chairs and a fire pit.

Generally, it will have a square or rectangular shape, leading to the kitchen. Others will surround a swimming pool. The primary construction material is concrete. However, you can also use bricks or paving stones.

Unlike decks, patios do not have walls, guardrails, or stairways. It is because one builds them at ground level. Call us to schedule a consultation if you want an elegant home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe.