9 Smart Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

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House to Home’s top 9 smart storage ideas for your kitchen. These are the tips and tricks that will help to keep your kitchen organized.  

Having completed a few kitchen remodels in the Carlsbad, CA area, we can confidently say that ensuring your kitchen is equipped with smart storage options, organized and functional, is what makes up a great kitchen. 

Functionality and organization are two features that go hand in hand. So, when you have a functional kitchen, it allows you to optimize your storage and organization. 

Why It’s Important To Stay Organized 

When we work with clients to provide a design, remodel and build project, we often chat with them about what features of their home they would like to see change and features they’d like to stay the same. A large majority of our clients make a point of stating that having a home that caters to a large amount of storage is at the top of their priority list. 

Staying organized allows you to keep your home clean and tidy. When kitchen items have a place to go, you can avoid mess and an unorganized kitchen. In addition to this, if you’re someone who likes to cook, then having an organized kitchen is a must. When you’re cooking, there’s nothing worse than spending 10 minutes finding a certain ingredient. Maintaining an organized kitchen is key when cooking. Having a place for each item and knowing where everything is located creates a smooth process when cooking or baking. 

Here at House to Home, we work throughout Carlsbad, CA, working with clients to remodel their homes and have picked up many tips and tricks to help our clients stay organized in the kitchen. These are our top 9 tricks to help you create smart storage ideas for your kitchen.

1. Pull Out Pantry 

Working in Carlsbad, CA, we work with our clients to provide effective remodels, taking full use of every square inch of your home. A pullout pantry is a fantastic use of space and great for those who don’t have the luxury space for a walk-in pantry. When you install a pullout pantry, you get to take full advantage of height. So any homes with tall ceilings or extra vertical space work perfectly with a pullout pantry. And not to mention, they’re fantastic for being able to see exactly what you have. 

2. Invest in Custom Storage

If you’ve ever known anyone to invest in custom storage, you’ll know how much it can benefit the home. Custom storage adds a tremendous amount of value to your home. House to Home can fit out your kitchen or any area in your home with custom storage so that you can use the space fully. 

The great thing about custom storage is the complete flexibility that you have over it. You ultimately decide how much storage you’re looking for and what the space will be used for. Custom storage is fantastic in kitchens when you need that extra space. 

3. Include Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is a fantastic option to include in your kitchen if you ever consider a remodel. This style of seating not only provides a stylish feature to the kitchen and is space-saving, but it also provides a storage option. As it’s usually created as a custom piece, you get the choice to have it upholstered to match your home’s existing aesthetic. 

Banquette seating can also be made to feature storage underneath. This piece of furniture can be used to store away cookbooks, table linens and lesser-used cookware. 

4. Integrate Appliances

Integrating appliances is a genius way of creating a stylish and seamless feature in your home while taking full advantage of your kitchen’s storage space. Integrated appliances are made to blend seamlessly and smoothly into your kitchen. With the outside looking like traditional kitchen cabinetry, your appliances, like the dishwasher or refrigerator, are hidden. 

Other smaller appliances like your toaster, kettle and microwave can also be integrated. This is a great way to store them away when they’re not in use and then pull them out and use them when needed.

5. Consider Toe Kick Drawers

If you haven’t heard of a toe kick drawer, you may just be blown away. These drawers can work in almost any kitchen and are barely noticeable. Designed to sit underneath all of your existing cabinetry and use a soft touch mechanism that can be pushed on with your toe and will spring open. Toe Kick drawers are incredible for using what would be wasted space and turning it into organized drawers. They’re fantastic for kitchen items that are long but don’t have a large amount of height, such as baking trays. 

6. Create a Dedicated Spice Drawer

If you love your spices, you’ll know how messy they can get. While spices are great to use with every meal, unless you stick to one brand in particular, they can come in a range of containers and packages. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to keep your kitchen organized. 

To avoid this, we recommend creating a dedicated spice drawer and making the switch to the same containers and a space rack elevation organizer. Using a combination of these two tools will have you forever avoid searching for a particular spice. You’ll be able to see exactly what you have and when to know to repurchase. 

7. Add a Lazy Susan or Two 

Lazy Susans are a fantastic resource to use within your kitchen. These can be added during the remodeling phase or can be purchased separately. If you choose to purchase these as individual items, they’re great to be used in the fridge, storing condiments and sauces. But if you make the choice to include them in a remodel, they do the perfect job of keeping those corner cabinets organized. 

8. Install a Pull-Out Trash Can

While the trash can is a necessity in the kitchen, it can be messy and an unsightly addition to your kitchen. Swapping or making the decision to include a pull-out trash can during your remodel process is ideal for storage. Creating a dedicated space for the trash moves your trash can out of sight, freeing up the space where it sat previously. Including a pull-out trash can in your kitchen also allows you to customize the trash. This means including a secondary bin for recycling and even an additional bin for food waste and compost. 

9. Use Drawer Dividers

No organized kitchen would be complete without drawer dividers. Ensuring that your drawers are fitted with drawer dividers is ideal for keeping your kitchen items organized and stored correctly. 

Particularly with drawers that store larger items like pots, pans and chopping boards, drawer dividers or organizers protect items from becoming scratched or ruined when they have been piled on top of one another. Drawer dividers also do a great job of maximizing the space available, giving you more storage space.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re looking to start your kitchen remodel in Carlsbad, CA, or perhaps you’re looking to buy a new home and need a second opinion about the potential of the space, House to Home is here to help. 

With our 25+ years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry, our dedicated team is here to provide guidance and support. We’ll chat with you about where we can assist with a project and provide insider information to ensure you’re left with a design, build or remodel that you’re happy with. 

If you’re in the Carlsbad, CA, area and want to expand your kitchen storage options, contact our friendly team.