8 Ways to Optimize Every Corner of Your Room

Tips to Optimize Every Corner of Your Room

Almost everyone has a corner in their house that has been overlooked. These corners have great potential uses. You can spice up your corner with the right décor and optimize them with great designs. With the right mindset, you can make several empty corners in your home more functional. However, if unsure about how to properly utilize your corners, coordinate with the top San Diego home designers, House to Home. House to Home provides splendid interior designs that will not only excite you but also maximize the function of your home with their expert advice. These ideas range from carving the corners of your room into workstations or creating savvy storage solutions. There are countless ways to utilize your empty corner spaces.

Here are eight suggestions to optimize every corner of your room:

1. Create a Dining Corner

If you have a small family without a dining room, a dining corner is perfect. You can create a breakfast nook to maximize your kitchen space. A built-in banquette in any corner of your house is ideal for you and your kids. The best thing about dining corners is that they are cozy. You can add decoration to your dining corner by adding a pendant lamp and décor on your table. A dining corner is one of the best ways to create a functional corner.

2. Create a Reading Nook

Even if your corners are small or cramped, you can utilize them by adding a reading nook or two. If you want to optimize your corner space, consider adding a bookcase or some shelves. You can add some books on the shelves and decorations such as plants or flowers. These décors fit well in your corners and help brighten the darkest sides. You can a reading lamp or place some speakers or a TV set if you have more space.

3. Impressive Entrance

Most houses have idle spaces at the entrance of various rooms. Even if your entrances are narrow, you can convert them into something useful. When you add decorations to these corners, it provides a welcoming look to your house. Furthermore, it gives your guests a sense of mysteriousness in your home. To spice up the décor, add some lighting to make your corner bright. In addition, you can add an open étagère to make it more functional. An open étagère provides more storage with an elegant look at your entrances.

4. Add Some Bookshelves

If your house is smaller, you can add some bookshelves to maximize and optimize the spaces in your corners. However, your house needs minor remodeling to fix built-in corner bookshelves. Built-in bookshelves provide a beautiful and elegant way of adding storage space to your small house. Depending on the orientation of your rooms, bookshelves can be incorporated into the designs. However, remodeling your house requires the services of a professional designer. Before deciding on remodeling your house, consider a conversation with one of the leading San Diego home designers. House to Home provides excellent home remodeling, such as the addition of corner shelves.

5. Design a Beautiful Lounge Area

Designing a small or mini lounge is a perfect way to make your corner functional. Before choosing a particular corner for your home lounge, ensure that the selected area is strategic. Your small lounge should not look like an afterthought. Plan well so that your lounge fits naturally in your corner. Make an effort to give your lounge a cozy or inviting look instead of glossing over an excellent space. If your house is small or prefers a minimalist approach, add a lounge chair and a side table. You can also add a floor lamp to lighten up your lounge and make it look elegant for your guests.

6. Design a Custom Closet

When living in a small apartment, you might not have enough storage space. One way of adding more space to your living room or bedroom is by adding a custom closet to one of the empty corners. Generally, corners provide a perfect spot to add a custom closet. Often times corners are empty and you can take advantage of the space by adding a DIY closet. To make your closet look fabulous, you can artistically combine several closets to provide an elegant look. Ensure your closet has several shelves and racks to maximize the limited space. These closes are useful in storing various garments, bathroom towels and extra shoes.

7. Add Interesting Furniture

Furniture for your corners must not be strictly functional. Most people place various pieces of furniture in the corner of their rooms for decorative purposes. You can visit an antique furniture shop and collect some wood carvings. Another option is adding vintage items such as an old sewing machine or a stool. These items provide a traditional appeal to your house. You can contact San Diego home designers such as House to Home if you are not familiar with interior design. House to Home is an admired company with professional interior designers in San Diego.

However, you can make your corner functional by adding specific furniture. For instance, you can add a dresser in your bedroom or a cabinet for your home office. These items make your furniture more practical.

8. Create a Workstation

If you like working from home, this is a perfect idea for you. You can create a stylish workstation in one of your corners. To add more space in your tiny corner, install a floating shelf for your books and home décor. Place a table and a chair to complete your workstation. If you want to brighten your corner, place a lamp on your table for studies or work. Moreover, you can add wall décor to make your workstation look beautiful. You can brighten up a dark corner by adding some murals with brighter designs.


Corners are perfect places for various home additions. You can utilize your corners by adding several functional pieces of furniture for decoration purposes. Our San Diego home designers are available when you need assistance with interior design and optimizing your space. Contact House to Home for the best designs in San Diego.