6 Key Design Features of High-End Luxury Homes

Luxury home design ideas

What makes a home a high-end luxury is its opulence and royalty. When you need a luxury home, you ought to consider an epitome of extreme conveniences such as a high-end kitchen, game rooms, backyard courts, gyms, heated pools, and saunas. However, there are key design features that a high-end home buyer will be fascinated with. With the advancement in technology, lavish homes design trends have improved tremendously. If you want the latest and stylish lavish home design, contact House to Home. We are rated among the best and most experienced luxury home builders in San Diego. With dedicated and fully certified engineers and architects, we will deliver a more high-end luxurious home that will exceed your imagination. House to Home will give your luxury home an indulgent finishing and lavish stunning visuals. 

Here are the top features that any high-end luxury home must have:

Smart Home Technology

Every high-end luxury home must-have smart home technology features for comfort and convenience. Smart technology makes your systems, equipment, and appliances safe and easy by employing the latest technology to control your connected items remotely or with a button. The latest smart home technology makes House to Home stand out from the rest of the luxury home builders in San Diego. Some of the smart home features that we will install in your luxury home include:

Smart thermostats that can enable you to control your home’s temperature with the comfort of your smartphone. These thermostats can automatically learn your temperature needs and adjust them automatically whether you are at home or not and help you control humidity levels. The most important feature of these thermostats is that they can provide you with real-time energy utility consumption for your household.

  • Motion sensors actively adjust the lighting intensity in your various rooms depending on your activity.
  • Smart CCTV cameras that make your home secure. These cameras have an internet connection that allows you to monitor the activities of your home anywhere at any time.
  • Automated doors that you can auto lock or open remotely at your smart device’s comfort.
  • A high-tech, digitally programmed shower system can adjust the showerhead temperatures using a programmable interface. You will enjoy your favorite music while showering using a waterproof Bluetooth stereo system that changes the color of your bathroom lights as the music plays on.
  • Smart toilet with heated foot and seat and alternative color-changing capabilities. You can personalize these settings using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Spa Bathroom

Suppose you have been to the most luxurious spas while on your vacation; you might consider having one in your high-end luxury home. Unlike hotel spas, a luxury home spa provides a serene, calm and private environment. We design high-end bathrooms fitted with screen mirrors that double as television screens, steam rooms, and saunas at House to Home. You will enjoy executive bathroom innovations that feature towel warmers, a relaxing soaker tub, and an enormous shower space with heated floors.

Chef’s Kitchen

Your luxury home is not lavish without a chef’s kitchen. A key feature in the chef’s kitchen is a butler’s pantry. Your luxury home should have premium and commercial grade appliances and custom cabinets, sub-zero freezers, kitchen islands, heating drawers, wine fridges, bar stools, and double ovens. Also in the luxury kitchen is a walk-in pantry with a large area to accommodate various items such as groceries.

Home Theater Room

The lavish home theater room brings executive cinema to the comfort of your home. It provides a perfect way to relax and enjoy with your guests while watching your favorite TV shows or movies while seating on high-end recliner seats. A luxury home theater room also features smart lights that can be adjusted with a smart device. However, everyone has a different taste in the home theater room. Being one of the best luxury home builders in San Diego, at House to Home, we will design your home theater room to feature customized, elegant, unique, and timeless specifications that will bring your dreams to reality.

Other features in a home theater room include a fridge for keeping your favorite drinks, a popcorn system, and a library that offers a conducive environment when you want to read your favorite book or novel.

Large Walk-In Closets

If you want to make your house look airy and light, keep your stairway railing light, open, and slim. Your house will look more open and brighter if you combine an airy and light design. The slim and open design of your railings provides your house with a minimalist approach. Alternatively, use a tension wire for a more minimalist look creating a floating appearance and security to your stairway railings in an exciting and new way.

Outdoor Area

Designing the interior of your luxury home is not enough. The outdoor area needs to be beautiful and lavish. Your luxury home can have outdoor facilities such as heated pools, a premium golf course, outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, an opulent garden, and a nature preserve.


There is no way to enjoy your life like having a high-end luxury home. A lavish home should be customized to bring your dreams to reality. House to Home is one of the trusted, premier, and professional luxury home builders in San Diego. Contact us for a customized modern luxury home in San Diego and its environs.