6 Creative Ways to Disguise Your TV Unit


Are you looking for a home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe with the best designs for disguising your TV? House to Home has the best ideas of incorporating your TV to sync with your household décor. Since your TV form part of your living room, it is good to incorporate It with your décor. Considering your TV in your décor style makes it more functional.

Here are The Best Ways To disguise Your TV unit

1. Use a Sliding Panel

Your guest will be amazed by a stylish countryside panel wall. But when you slide the panel, a disguised embedded TV is revealed. Using a panel wall is the best solution if you want to hide other media. You may disguise your flat-screen TV with vinyl, CDs, or DVDs.

The best way to design this look is to mount your TV set on the wall bracket. Build shallow cabinetry using your preferred wood panels around that wall. You can add other systems inside the cabinetry if you have other systems, such as a stereo player. Ensure that you have meshed doors to allow the audio to play without impediment. These mesh doors are normally placed where the audio speaker is. If you love watching your screen at different angles, consider using articulated brackets instead of a static arm.

2. Incorporate Shelving and Frames to Disguise Your TV

If you are low on cash, you can decorate your wall instead of adding more furniture. Use an artistic design to surround your TV set with shelves and your favorite framed pictures. These designs should have the same color as the bezel of your TV. The output is a very nice rustic design.

You can add more clusters of arts and various designs around your TV to draw attention away from it. The design provides savvy storage and forms part of a nice display in your living room. If you need a home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe, consult House to Home. We have a gallery of designs that you can creatively disguise your TV unit.

3. Use a Projector

Consider installing a high-resolution projector in your living room. You can watch a cinema-like TV in the comfort of your house. Using a modern projector, you can illuminate your wall with over a hundred inches of screen. You remain with the original living room wall when you turn off your projector.

You have an option of projecting to a bare wall. Add reflective paint if you want to improve the image quality. A motorized screen can add a more premium experience. You can keep it away when you are not using your project screen. Another advantage of a projector is that you can use it as an outdoor cinema when you have a huge gathering.

4. Disguise Your TV Using a Bold Unit

The bold media unit does not necessarily hide your TV. It draws attention to the dramatic wall unit rather than the TV itself. The bold accessories, spotlights, glass shelve, and walnut veneer will easily disguise your wall-mounted TV. If your living room is small or you have a small budget, you can consider using a dramatic wallpaper. It produces similar attractive results.

House to Home can design a similar media unit if you need a home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe.

5. Use Frame Prints

If you are good at DIY, this is your best design. Get several MDF panels and identical frame pictures. Hinge these panels and fix their batons to the wall. Covering your TV with these frames provides a dazzling display apart from being bespoke covers.

6. Hang a TV Mirror

Hang overmantel mirrors from your ceiling. The mirrors should be designed to incorporate and fit exactly with the dimensions of your TV screen. When your TV is off, it won’t be noticeable. You will remain with a clear reflection in a large wall mirror. You can get your overmantel mirror customized to fit your TV, PlayStation and other accessories.


There are several ideas to disguise your TV unit. These methods depend on your taste and budget. Disguising your TV is also a part of improving your living room décor. Contact us at House to Home if you need tailor-made TV disguise ideas. We have a gallery of countless ideas for you. Get in touch with House to Home for any home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe and its neighborhood.