15 Low-Cost Changes to Make Guest House Extra Cozy

When it comes to making your guest house extra cozy, add designs that provide a feeling of comfort, warmth, and coziness. Applying soothing textures, candle lights, wood accents, and earth tones increases the comfort of your guest house, making your guests want to stay longer. If you wish to add some low efforts or overhaul your guest house, here are the 15 ideas to consider: 

1. Cozy Seats

If there is an extra space in your guest house, consider adding several areas for your guests to relax. One of the ways to make your guests stay cozy is by adding one or two comfortable seats in the room. These seats provide a relaxing place when your guests want to use their computers, read books, and put on their shoes.

2. Art Groupings

A group of arts on the guest house wall makes it more purposeful. Try using a standard frame to achieve a uniform look on your craft. You can also add a variation of arts by incorporating wood art, vintage arts, and similar art pieces from the same artist.

3. Wall Mirrors

Missing a full-length mirror in your guest house is a very traumatizing thing to your client. Consider including a wall mirror when designing your guest house. A wall mirror provides convenience when your guests want to change their clothes or apply makeup before going out. If your guest house rooms are smaller, consider using narrow mirrors or when the space is minimal, hang your mirror strategically on the wall.

4. Vanity or a Desk

If your guest house space is limited, consider placing a vanity or a desk instead of the standard bedside table. Use a magnifying mirror in your vanity to give an impression of a more spacious room. Your guest should get more enjoyment in your guesthouse. Consider having some items such as a phone charger or a writing pad to keep the stay of your guest stress-free.

5. Loft Bed

Use loft beds when you want to accommodate more than one guest in your small guest house rooms. You can place a larger bed and put a smaller bed for kids in the loft area using this arrangement. Installing a loft bed means that you need to renovate your guest house. The upgrade might cost some more cash. However, you would have added more space in your guest houses without extending the rooms.

6. Twin Beds

When accommodating kids or a family, twin beds are the best. The arrangement of the twin beds does not consume a lot of space, economizing your small guest houses. You can make the twin bed look sophisticated by adding decorations and using the same lines on the beds. You can use the space between the beds by placing a small bedside table.

7. Coffee Corner

To make your guest more comfortable, create a coffee corner in your guest houses. Your guests will prepare their coffee in the morning, eliminating the need to bother you every morning.

8. Minimalism

It is never necessary to stuff your guest houses with furniture and tones of décor. Use a sleek design that looks nice, pocket-friendly, and easy to maintain.

9. Dresser

Instead of using the usual bedside table, consider a dresser. Your guest can comfortably unpack their bags and place their folded linen in the dresser drawers. You can use one of the drawers to keep items such as linens and towels for your guests. The dresser makes your guest house more appealing than just a bedside table.

10. Bedside Lighting

In every room of your guest houses, ensure that you have bedside lighting. The best way to provide light to your guests is by using table lamps. However, scones can work perfectly for this task. If you want to avoid new installations or wiring, use plug-in scones instead.

11. Bold Colors

Use gray, blue, or green colors for decorating your guest houses. These colors are very bold sophisticated and provide a welcoming gesture to your guests. You can add a fun wallpaper or a bright color to make your guests relaxed and enjoy their stay. Try orange, bright yellow, or purple colors for decorations if you need to keep your guest houses bolder than ever.

12. Luxe Bed

If you want to make your guest houses more sophisticated, ensure that you make beds as luxe as you can. You can add an extra blanket, pillows, a duvet, and high thread sheets for more comfort. However, you will have more tasks of doing extra washing of the linen between the arrival and the departure of your guest. You can solve the problem by purchasing additional sets of luxe linens to avoid the pressure of washing them each day.

13. Multipurpose

It is the best way of making your guest houses very cozy. You can use your guest house as a craft room or a bedroom. When designing your guest houses, keep in mind that you may want to use them for multipurpose tasks. The perfect way of multitasking is by using a daybed. In this arrangement, you can use your daybed as a bed, and you can also turn it to be a coach for use during your daytime activities.

14. Leather Accents

Incorporate leather accent designs if you want to add some warmth to your guest houses. Having a leather frame on your bed makes your guest house aesthetically appealing. If you want to make your rooms cozier, match the leather color of your bed frame with that of your chairs.

15. Use All Available Space

Always use the extra spaces well. Your shelves can provide more storage space, while you can place a wicker basket under your bedside table to save on space. Instead of a bedside table or chair, you can use a bench near the bed. The bench will act as a chair and a storage place for your pillows.

Final Thoughts

Making your guest houses cozier is the best to win more guests and keep them more comfortable. Always think of different ideas that will please your guests and make them want to stay more if you are not sure of the ways to customize your guest houses, consult us at House to Home for the best designs of your guest houses. We have a gallery of the latest ideas to make your guests love your houses. Contact us today at House to Home Design-Build for the best guest house designs.