Maximizing Space & Style With Encinitas Accessory Dwelling Unit

Adu Interior Space Planning

Creating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Encinitas is perfect for adding space and style to your home. An ADU is something that our team here at House to Home specializes in. We’ve seen firsthand how ADUs can maximize usable space for your home and add style by broadening and expanding your landscaping.

Located in the Encinitas area, our team offers two standard ADU builds:

  • One bedroom, one bathroom ADUs
  • Two bedrooms, two bathrooms ADUs

While these are the standard ADUs we provide, we’re also a design-build firm. This means we can completely customize anything and everything to suit your newest ADU.

Adding an accessory dwelling unit is the ideal solution when you and your family want to maximize your space. For those with larger families, it can often feel like you are squashed into one space, but when you add an ADU for a specific child or all of them, it’s a great way for everyone to spread out and have a little more breathing room. In addition to this, an ADU comes with a variety of different benefits and purposes.

The Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Whether you have children, want to expand your space, or want to create extra income, the possibilities for an ADU are endless. We’ve listed below just some of the benefits that come with building an ADU.

Passive Income

If you’re looking to create passive income through renting, then building an ADU is just the way to do it. A large majority of our clients have built ADUs and then rented them out through AirBnB.

Gaining a passive income from this is one of the most significant benefits our clients get from building an ADU. When you build an ADU, our team will suggest the best way to create a private entrance; that way, you can still maintain privacy within your home.

A Place for Family To Come and Stay

If you’ve got a larger family, you’ll know when they come and stay; it can get quite crammed quickly. Deciding to build an ADU allows you to create a guest house for your family. So, when they come and stay, you’ll have privacy and a more enjoyable time.

Add Value

An ADU adds tremendous value, particularly for those looking to sell their home in the future. When you build an ADU, you’re adding to the number of rooms on your property. You’re also increasing the potential buyer pool. By widening the market, you’ll improve the potential for a higher sale price.

Add Space Without Having To Go Through a Major Renovation

While a major renovation is often needed for some homes in the Encinitas area, if you can avoid having to go through one and build an ADU instead, it can make everyday living much easier while still adding space. ADUs take a shorter amount of time than major renovations.

How To Maximize Space With an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Now, of course, an ADU’s main benefit to your property is maximizing the usable space. With the shift to working from home, we’ve seen a huge increase in ADU as families and individuals are looking for space to branch out and seeking ways to maximize their space. An ADU is a perfect solution. But to ensure that you’re taking advantage of your entire space, here are just some of the ways that you can ultimately maximize your ADU.

Embrace Indoor/Outdoor Living

Indoor/outdoor living has been all the rage for a while, and we can understand why. If you live in the beautiful Encinitas area, then embracing outdoor living is a perfect solution to use all of your outdoor space.

During the building process, our team will suggest ideas for optimizing indoor and outdoor living. But including a deck or extending the living space with a courtyard is a great way to go. When an outdoor area is coupled with outdoor lighting, a fire pit, a grassed area, and a seating area, it creates a beautiful atmosphere that your potential guests or the entire family can enjoy.

Add a Second Story

If you have the option, adding a second story to your ADU takes full advantage of the vertical space. Building upwards gives you the opportunity for maximum storage, and it also gives you a chance to add additional bedrooms or living areas. For those with the space, adding an upstairs with the option to include a TV and then transforming the space into a movie theater is a beautiful way to use vertical space.

Add a Loft Space

If you have the opportunity to build vertically but are still somewhat limited by height, then adding a loft space could be your solution. Lofts are great for keeping your ADU open and airy. Keeping that vertical space free from any lower ceiling is excellent for adding that extra room without making the ADU feel closed in.

Include a Desk or Office Space

Working from home is practically the new normal. Many companies now offer the option for employees to work from home or at least a hybrid working style. By building an ADU, you can create a dedicated workspace that’s totally separate from your home. This is perfect for separating work and maintaining that work-life balance. It allows you to stop working at the kitchen table.

Make Use of Pocket Doors

If you’re looking to maximize space, pocket doors are a great feature combining practicality without taking up a whole heap of space to be utilized when building an ADU. As they slide back into the walls, they still give you all the privacy you need but take up practically no space.

Built in Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a great option for an ADU. They’re space-saving and feature a range of customizable designs to suit all sizes of wardrobes. Offering a seamless fit, no matter the size or configuration of your ADU. While it is an investment, including one for keeping your small space organized is worth considering.


Storage is a key element when building an ADU. Maximizing the storage available is one of the biggest benefits of building an ADU. The House to Home team will help you offer practical storage solutions. Utilizing vertical space, wall storage, and, if you have a second story, under-stair storage, your ADU will be filled with smart storage options.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances are fantastic when looking for smart storage ideas for your kitchen, but they’re even better in an ADU. Sitting flush and looking like regular cabinets, your ADU instantly feels and is more spacious with integrated appliances.

How To Style Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

With careful styling and decorating, you can turn your ADU into a comfortable and inviting living space that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your property.

Add Homely Touches

Styling is all about bringing in those homey touches. It’s about soft furnishings, pillows, and filling those empty shelves with your favorite styling pieces. Taking the time to style and decorate your space will make it feel like an extension of your home and add personality to the space.


By layering your lighting, you can create different moods and ambiance for your ADU. You can create a unique atmosphere by mixing lighting options like down lights, lamps, and pendant lights.


Introducing landscaping to your ADU is a great way to style it and maximize the space. The area around your ADU should be treated as an extension of your home. We’ve created various-sized decks that come off an ADU and fully embrace indoor and outdoor living. Coupled with a grassed area and trees or shrubs, this completes the whole look and adds a feature to your outdoor area.

What Now?

If you’re in the Encinitas area and want an accessory dwelling unit built, you’ve come to the right place. Our business is built on a customer-centric foundation. We understand and value that homeowners are looking for a combination of creativity, quality, and craftsmanship, all within a budget that suits them. That’s why our team is transparent in our communication and provides a truly hands-on approach when building your ADU. If you’re ready to start your building journey with us, contact us for a consultation. But if you need some inspiration, stay up-to-date with us on Instagram or read our blogs for a wide range of insider info.