Trending Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2023

Spa Bathroom Image

According to remodeling contractors in San Diego, hundreds, if not thousands, of bathroom remodeling ideas will take 2023 by storm. These ideas have been gaining traction in 2022, but more homeowners will embrace them in the coming year. So, what are they? Let’s find out.

Mixing the Old and the New

Currently, there’s a growing trend of using antiques and vintage pieces in most living spaces. And the traction is gradually being embraced in bathrooms. The goal is to create an extra-special space that can blend in with the rest of the house.

In fact, you can also incorporate art above your bathroom vanities while placing mirrors in other areas. You can achieve that vintage look with a blend of wood for flooring and cabinets. Besides, you’ll get a warmer, more inviting, and more comfortable place to take a relaxing shower.

Embracing the Spa-Like Retreat

It’s no doubt that most homeowners in San Diego are gradually identifying their bathrooms as wellness spaces. As such, we predict that transforming bathrooms into spa-like spots will be a huge trend in 2023. You can achieve this by remodeling your bathroom into a lounge space.

For example, you can install freestanding tubs surrounded by tables to house wine glasses and candles. You can also include simple chairs to relax in before taking a bath. You can install steam showers, dual shower heads, and side sprays. Want to get some inspiration? The hospitality space is a perfect bet.

Revolutionizing Overall Design

Let’s face it, the classic white bath will never go out of style and remains a go-to for most homeowners. However, in 2023, the trend is to break out from this design and embrace more texture, color, and patterns. You can even add fittings in sophisticated shapes, sizes, and colors to really jazz it up.

Most homeowners also seek simple yet elegant finishes to match the San Diego lifestyle. You can also incorporate plaster walls and showers and sculptural plumbing. In short, this trend focuses on texture, beauty, hardware, and sleek lighting. There’s also a growing need for bathrooms to be more functional, like adding storage rooms and heated floors.

Making the Space Cozier

In 2023, most clients will be looking to cozy up their bathrooms. You can do this by doing away with the stark white marble and incorporating more warmth and texture. You can achieve this by adding rugs, furniture, and art.

And to spice up your bathroom further, you can add café curtains, vanity skirts, and scalloped details. In short, the trend allows you to embrace a sense of charm thanks to patterned wall coverings and bold colors.

Embracing Separation

M remodeling contractors in San Diego are seeing a surge in clients asking for separate principal baths. That it is, each bath has its sink and closets. You can think outside the box and transform your large bathroom into two baths, ideal for two people in one space.

The main bathroom can have separate baths, vanities, and toilets for each partner. As such, you can decide whether to share a bath or enjoy time alone in your corner.

Using Nature-Inspired Colors

Another top trend in 2023 is using colors inspired by nature. Not only are they elegant, but they add warmth and comfort to your wash-up spaces. You can add these colors either through a complete overhaul or accents. The best part? You can be as bold or as subtle as you like. And don’t forget to add an indoor plant or two.

Using Earthy Hues

According to remodeling contractors in San Diego, it is yet another trend to watch out for in 2023. If you want that classic look in your bathroom, you can play around with dusky browns, warm ochres, and sandy beiges. Using different hues will help you achieve a stunning yet serene environment where you can stay for an hour or two. Besides, it is a great way to connect to the outdoors through your interior.

Embracing the Seaside Blues

Incorporating shades of sea green and blues will also be a popular trend in 2023. The combination of teals and blues brings deep oceans into mind, while pastel hues make you imagine a softer coastal look. As you’d expect, the color combinations make your bathroom feel relaxed and fresh as the ocean breeze.

Adding Drama

If there’s one space in your home you should play around with your creativity, it is the bathroom. If guests ever access it, few will criticize your choice of art, color, and texture. As such, you should go bold, adding dramatic wallpapers and vibrant paint. In short, make your small square footage room special and memorable by adding your personal touch.

Embracing Patterned Drapery

This trend is growing to embrace existing patterned drapery in living rooms and bedrooms. Luckily, the trend extends to bathrooms, thanks to their unique construction. As you’d guess, bathrooms are made of hard surfaces such as stone and tiles. As such, adding a layer of pattern and texture will help soften the space while adding warmth.

Unique and Colorful Tiles

In 2023, it won’t be uncommon for San Diego residents to embrace complex and interesting tiles. For example, you can watch out for mosaics in custom designs and colors. More and more people are doing away with large flat floor tiles and embracing statement-making options that add pattern and color to a bathroom.

Reasons You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Giving Your Bathroom a Facelift

It is arguably the chief reason you should embrace the above remodeling ideas. With constant use, colors fade, making your bathroom look outdated. There’s a build-up of odor, weathering paint, cracked tiles and more that all need replacing.

Remodeling your bathroom will help tackle the above issues, making it more comfortable and inviting. Here at House to Home, we can help give your bathroom a facelift so you can enjoy taking your showers.

Adding Value to Your Home

While the smallest part of your house, it is, in fact, one of the most important. And prospective buyers will go for a home with a well-kept and elegant bathroom. A house with a renovated bathroom, especially with added texture, patterns, and colors, becomes more valuable.

Improved Safety

 As the bathroom ages, some of its fittings may become loose, leading to accidents. Showerheads can also fail, leading to mold, not to mention leaking pipes that can make the floor slippery. A bathroom remodel enables you to install safety features such as non-slip tiles, wide entrances, and easy-to-reach cabinets.

Adding Another Bathroom

Generally, most old homes in San Diego will have a single bathroom. However, adding a guest bathroom or additional bathroom, you are sure to modernize such a house. Besides, if your main bathroom is large, you can add an extra bath for you and your partner. And this is achievable through bathroom remodeling.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Another reason you’d be interested in bathroom remodeling is to add features that will make your space more sustainable. For example, you can install large windows for natural light, low-flush toilets, and underfloor heating.

What To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Purpose and Value

There’s no need to spend a fortune on either of the above bathroom trends if you will hardly use the bathroom. Invest in remodeling that pairs well with your lifestyle and personality. In short, any remodeling project should bring value to your life.


When planning to remodel your bathroom, choose what to change depending on your budget. You don’t want to break the bank to buy mosaic tiles when you can do with normal ones. Focus on the essentials and put aside those things you cannot afford.


For example, if you move fixtures during remodeling, you must consider the final layout and flow. The design should allow you to perform all activities with ease. For example, the towel rack should be near the bathtub.


Bathrooms have different users, and their scope of use varies. Some will want a quick shower, while others will stay for an hour or so. Age also plays an important role during remodeling. You don’t want to install slippery tiles if you are elderly. A family with kids will need a bathroom with ample storage space and more water resistant features.

Long Term Plans

Are you planning to sell the house? Or will you dwell in it till your old age? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. The remodeling should accommodate your future plans. For example, if you plan to sell the house, you can choose one of the best trends to add value significantly.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of trending bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023. When choosing the most ideal for your home, you should consider future plans, budget, layout, and space. House to Home, one of the best remodeling contractors in San Diego, can help you choose the best ideas for your home. Contact us to book a consultation.