Innovative Materials You Should Look at for New Home Construction

Innovative Materials You Should Look at for New Home Construction

There are several innovative materials to improve your new home’s functionality and design. San Diego home designers such as House to Home provide exclusive construction techniques to bring a difference to your new home. Here are the innovative materials for the best design of a new home:

Graphene Paint 

Graphene is a new idea in the home improvement and scientific community. When applied to the outer walls of your house, it can absorb sunlight and is capable of producing electricity. It converts solar power to electrical energy used in home appliances. Graphene paint is functional and environmentally sustainable. When graphene paint is applied to the interior walls, it regulates your home’s thermal energy. Since graphene is made of pure lime, it can purify the air inside your house.

Vinyl Flooring

Loose lay vinyl plank is a new addition to the flooring industry. The best thing about vinyl is that it is very easy to install. Unlike other flooring materials, vinyl doesn’t need locking, sliding, or clicking. The planks are fitted on the floor since they fall into place. These planks are versatile in that they can easily be removed as they are not glued to the floor. Loose lay vinyl is recyclable, comfortable, and durable. Another advantage of vinyl flooring is that it doesn’t warp, grow, shrink or float above the subfloor.


Hempcrete is a new construction material that has developed in popularity in the US. It provides a perfect alternative to home insulations such as fiberglass. Hempcrete is a product of hemp and lime. Its main advantage is that it resists cracking under pressure or movement and has the same strength as normal residential concrete.


Geoluxe is a recent introduction to the construction market. It is a manufactured stone with the same features as marble. It has the aesthetic and appeal, just like a common marble but is stronger. Geoluxe is manufactured in the same process a marble is naturally produced. When manufacturing a Geoluxe stone, pressure, minerals, and heat are used. Geoluxe is best placed on the kitchen countertops.

Laminated Timber

The construction of laminated timber entails stacking lumber boards together. These lumber boards are usually kiln-dried. When constructing a house using laminated timber, they are usually stacked together to improve their strength. Laminated timber is becoming more common in high-rise buildings. It has a high compressive and tensile strength.

Furthermore, it is more eco-friendly and takes less time when building a house. House to Home is one of the technologically advanced San Diego home designers. Contact us for the best structural designs using laminated timber.

Insulated Concrete

Insulated concrete is normally stacked together before being reinforced with steel bars. They provide a strong foam-concrete combination. The best thing about insulated concrete is that they provide sufficient insulation against sound and heat in your house. Another aspect is that the material is very sturdy and strong, making your house more durable. However, the material is not suitable in very cold areas since it transfers heat faster than other common materials.

3-D Printing

You can customize your house using 3-d prints. The best thing about this printing is that it is economical and can be customized to different sizes and shapes according to your needs. However, 3-D printing technology has not taken root in the mainstream construction industry.

Terrazo and Trend Q

Terrazzo has regained its popularity in the construction industry. It is made from tiles and stone chips pigments mixed with concrete. Recently, there have been terrazzo alternatives made from recycled products. One such product is Trend Q. trend Q is made from resins which are better than terrazzo made from concrete. Trend Q is useful in making tiles and countertops. The best thing is that Trend Q comes in different styles and colors and can be customized with different tastes and designs.

Sheep Wool

If you want to make your house warm and cozy, use sheep wool. It is one of the best insulation options that provide warm conditions during the cold seasons. The main advantage of sheep wool is that it does not emit any chemicals. However, sheep wool is scarce and is difficult to find.


With the advancement in technology, there has been a rise in innovative materials for constructing new homes. Being one of the best San Diego home builders, House to Home has countless innovative ideas to construct your home using unique materials. Contact us today for the best design of your dream home.